My Future Carrier Goals

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We are currently standing in the middle of a technological as well as computing revolution which has remarkably changed our lives and potentially redefine our thought on what it means to be human. I am very excited at the prospect of assigning my long-term career to such a fast approaching and dynamic field. Since my childhood, I have always enjoyed dabbling with computers and experimenting with different applications in it. As my own lifetime being essentially harmonized with the rise of the modern computing world, I can still imagine that there are tremendous developments to come in this field in upcoming days. As my undergrad was on Computer Information Systems, it was kind of natural for me to choose a tech based field like Cybersecurity as my university major for my masters and now as I am close to the end of my studies, it turns out to my focus to continue my education in a more competitive, elite, and dynamic environment.

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My academic experience has far provided me with a wide range of practical knowledge as well as helped me gain hands on skills that was immensely useful while studying at Baruch College for my undergraduate level. When I was at high school, I was very good in courses related to physics, mathematics, and chemistry. I was lucky enough during this time to have such teachers who noticed my interest in these subjects and encouraged me to explore future into my scientific understanding as well as broaden my analytical skills. I would say it was due in large part of their guidance and advice which made me chose my major in (C I S) as a starting point to taste the modern tech world for my undergrad in Baruch College, CUNY. As an undergraduate, I deeply enjoyed learning about programming and systems analysis, and with my strong solid mathematics background I always performed with excellence in courses concerning calculus, statistics even differential equations. Now, in addition to my particular knowledge in Computer Information system, I have also been able to expand my horizon in the field of Cybersecurity which has nearly countless potentialities for further study. While my undergraduate curriculum exposed me to a wide variety of computer science topics, I am also gaining an extensive knowledge in the area of network infrastructure development as well as security management as a Master student here at Fordham University. Furthermore, in my upcoming days I also dream to keep challenging myself by continuing my higher studies for a PhD in Data Analytics or data science, hopefully in an Ivy league right after I get to successfully graduate from my Masters.

After I graduated from my undergrad I have been working as a professional in the Information technology field at City University of New York for past eight months. But now I am preparing myself to become a professional corporate information security officer which I plan to see myself right after I graduate from Fordham. Eventhough my current work has introduced me to specific areas of information technology, which includes (telecommunications, network wiring and databases), studying for my MS here highly intrigued me with the field of information security. Therefore, I am highly concerned about the vulnerability of the company I work for, particularly in regard to employee and client information as well as security of the massive student database. That is why I have taken my decision to go for my CISSP Test in summer and also plan to do (CEH, CISM and CompTIA Security+) exams in future. After getting certified through these exams, I could definitely expect to add some additional value towards my carrier path which will eventually help me create a solid security analyst background. The main focus is not just to add value but also to have a better understanding of the prevention or detection of the vulnerabilities we are facing in our companies on a daily basis. This is all I have planned so far for achieving in upcoming day as a part of my short-term goal.

Regarding my long-term goals for my future, I plan to take what I have learnt here so far throughout my journey and apply those skills towards the computing industry of my native country Bangladesh. This industry is rapidly growing and had great potentials, yet compared to other, more advanced countries it is still in its respective infancy. My educational background along with some possible skills earned working for a short period in the USA is what I expect to take with me as the expertise, the perspective, and the experience necessary to lead the IT industry of my country. Here I also have some friends with similar goals, and I also hope that one day our hard work will build a collaboration among us and we will work together to put our country on the map as a creative force in the modern computing world.

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