How Smartphones Compare to Modern Day Computers

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Considerable number of tasks which can be done on a computer can also be done on a smartphone but with slight modification. Nonetheless, with the guide of different processors, 6+ gigabytes of RAM, and ground-breaking illustrations equipment, the best cell phones and tablets can be as ground-breaking as a mid-range personal computer. Below are some key classifications of computer and smartphone.

  1. Power: Cell phones or tablets keep running on battery so the client needs to utilize it productively though in the Computer, the CPU keeps running on power so one doesn't have to stress over the charge rate in the gadget. In any case, new cell phones are getting ground-breaking step by step yet the PCs will at present have an edge based on power as they have consistent access to power.
  2. Screen size: Smartphones have screens no bigger than 6.5 inches whereas a computer can have an eye opening 50 inches screen. Smartphones generally have a LCD display with a maximum of a HD display screen and a computer screen can have a 4k high resolution display.
  3. Portability: As smartphones and tablets are smaller in size, they are easy to carry and hence are portable whereas a computer is not at all portable due to its large size and other accessories attached to it like keyboard, mouse, CPU etc. Smartphones and tablets definitely have an edge over computers with respect to its portability.
  4. Storage: Computers come with great storage options of up to 2024 GB of storage space which can be extended to unlimited storage space with the help of an external hard disk whereas a smartphone or a tablet have a limited storage option with a maximum of 256 GB which cannot be extended.
  5. Operating System: Computers run either on Microsoft or Mac Os depending on the company one uses. Similarly, Smartphones and tablets run on either android or IOS. The market in the computer industry is dominated by Microsoft whereas in the smartphone industry it is dominated by Apple IOS.
  6. Connectivity: Computers have various kinds of external connectivity such as the headphone jack, USB port, HDMI port, charging port etc. whereas a smartphone’s external connectivity is limited to the charging port and a headphone jack. These days smartphones are even eliminating the connectivity of headphone jacks in order to uplift wireless headphones. Internally, phones, tablets and computers can both be connected to Bluetooth, airdrop etc.
  7. Data entry and user input: PC has a console which inputs the information composed by a man into the PC and is exceptionally agreeable to utilize while a tablet or a cell phone has an on-screen contact console which isn't as agreeable as the PC console as individuals with huge fingers think that it's hard to type on a little screen subsequently, console of a cell phone or tablet gives weight on one's eyes.
  8. Cellular: Smartphones or tablets have the option of inserting a sim in it with the help of which one could call a person from anywhere in the world to another with the help of telecom signal and without requiring a Wi-Fi connection whereas in computers, one needs to have a Wi-Fi connection in order to contact someone and does not have the option of inserting a sim.
  9. Market share: According to the StatCounter Global stats, the market share worldwide of desktops, smartphones and tablets in September 2018 was- Smartphone- 51.7% Tablet- 4.18% Desktop- 44.12% This clearly indicates that people used more of smartphones than computer due to various possible reasons.
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