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John Dewey, and the 21st Century Cinematic Aesthetic Experience 

John Dewey in his tenth volume written in 1934, Art as Experience, gave his theory on the arts and created a change in the way people viewed aesthetics and how artists created. Even though Dewey does not talk about film in his volume, except briefly...

Critique of Philosopher: John Dewey Progressivism

When one thinks of the curriculum it can be looked at from a school, subject, co-curricular or the experienced curriculum which Michael Littledyke (1996) refers to as the learning students actually receive as a result of the whole educational experience the school provides. This includes...

Philosophy of Education in the Eyes of Al-Ghazali, Al-Farabi and John Dewey

Philosophical Perspectives of Education The word philosophy came from two Greek words ‘Phileo’ (love) and ‘Sophia’ (wisdom). This is literally means love of wisdom. It tells something about the nature of philosophy at some extent, because many discipline find it from the wisdom. The word...

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