Acceptance as the Key to Personal Happiness 

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A key element of your happiness is to accept the current situation in your life and to appreciate the good that is offered to you. This does not mean that you turn around and lose all hope of improvement. Exactly the opposite Acceptance means that you understand that the life you have now is largely the result of all your thoughts, intentions, actions and attitudes. In short, everything that has happened to you in your life so far. There is no way to change that. Sometimes it’s helpful to understand that no one is to blame, things are as they are and that’s it. It is even more helpful to understand that accepting what is in your life can be the first step towards a better life in all respects now. Now you can start over with what you have and what you are learning. From now on, you will learn new ways of thinking, acting and driving… where you are gradually changing every element of your life to achieve positive change.

By learning to accept your life as it is, you discover that a lot of things are automatically put in place. He no longer has to fight to change things, but he soon learns that change happens naturally, as long as he keeps the right attitude. This ‘good mentality’ gives you the benefits you have always desired, but these improvements seem to be as they are, without your conscious intervention. Instead of the illusion of causing events in his life, he accepts that his mission is to create a fertile environment for constructive change. It is your responsibility to develop mental habits that promote peace of mind and tranquility, as well as mental strength and purpose. It is both simple and difficult.

The easy part is that you only have to deal with yourself, your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. There are many simple exercises to help you with this and many teachers are available to help you. The difficulty is that this cooperative approach is at odds with the operational approach that surrounds us in our current society. We learn to be competitive and to evaluate ourselves by comparing ourselves with others. This leads us to believe that we can be happy by acquiring enough of wealth, power, objects, prizes and other trophies. I think you will find that the way of cooperation works much better.

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