Acceptance Concepts Through the Bible Topics

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I believe that God creates all of us to be good genuinely and kindhearted. God believes that we are most beautiful & unique the way he created us. So, bullies should stop their intimidating behaviors towards others, they don’t need to be so, they should go back to their original roots and be kind and good to all. Just like God created them. 

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Bullies: Stop all the hate, the jealousy, and the rudeness as you don’t have to be so. Don’t be cruel, don’t be tough and no need to be so rude. Invest your valuable time in doing something good. Time is a big responsibility. Be nice and understanding, be kind and respect, listen to your heart, you don’t need to love me or care about me. Though you should not mistreat me or be cruel to me. Watch your words as they can be hurtful and painful.

We are teenagers, we have dreams to fulfill and future to build, our goal is to have a day where our dreams will be true, and our future is secure, we deserve to be happy and safe. We need to fly high in the sky like a butterfly, we need to be free. We have rainbow colorful wings and a promising bright future. Put your hands in mine & join me in my journey and let’s fly together, let’s be free. Together we will be strong and brave too. We will chase our dreams like the butterfly is searching for the flowers. Believe me, we will live a better-quality life, a real happy life. Alife that we deserve (me and you).

We should accept each other the way we are, even if we are different. Beauty can come with our differences. No matter how hard it will be for us to connect at the beginning, we will all work to make it happen at the end. We learn a lot from our differences. It is fun to be different from each other rather than to be the exact similar copy of yourself. We should not prejudge each other based on color, nationalities, religion, believe, shape, gender …etc. We should focus on the human himself inside out, always see the positive side of the people, think one more time. Don’t let your disagreements and disputes turn into aggressiveness and fights.

Accepting, respecting and understanding each other is a very important value. It represents equality, diversity & tolerance. We should be a great example of elevating and boosting our self-esteem by first starting with ourselves, accepting, respecting and understanding ourselves. Appreciate and love yourself and spread the love afterward, don’t compare your life to others, be grateful always. Appreciate all the blessings that surround us and live happily afterward, we deserve to be happy 

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