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What Influences One's Definition of Evil: Guzman and Pearson's Concept

On Thursday, November 7th, my local museum, International Museum of Art and Science held a presentation given by Dr. Dahila Guzman and Dr. Thomas Pearson over the philosophical concepts of evil. These two individuals are two extraordinary educated professors in philosophy at the nearest university,...

The Concept of Existentialism: Search for Meaning and Freedom

Existentialism is one of the terms that derive its meaning from intellectual history and philosophy. The term was adopted through the postwar era. It is a philosophical concept that presents wide dissemination of information of mid-20th century society. Therefore, existentialism became a common term that...

Cartesian Dualism: the Rise and Ultimate Fall of The View

Cartesian dualism is a philosophical concept created by Rene Descartes which argues for the idea that the mind and the body are two distinct entities in a person, but that they interact in an intricate manner which leads to the proper functioning of human beings....

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