Essay Samples on Pregnancy

A Normal Birth And C-Section

The labour is still a big fear in women life, biggest part of the woman who get pregnant are afraid of the delivering time, because it can be really complicated, and their fear is completely understandable. Some women consider c-sections from the beginning just because…

Birth Control Consequences

Over many years, socially, conception prevention has become a common thing in America. It is readily available and there are many different options. There is a stigma that women only use conception prevention to prevent pregnancy but slowly people continue to learn that it can…

Learning In The Womb

To understand babies’ minds must be a challenging task. Most fully developed babies come out knowing how to suck for fulfillment, breath for oxygen and cry for awareness. Some may ask if there is any learning in the womb. By week six a fetus has…

Natural Ways To Recover After A C-Section

Giving birth to a baby is hard work, notwithstanding however the tiny one decides to enter the planet. Having seen both cases of an obstetrical delivery and natural births, I will say that while natural birth are often tougher pre-birth, c-sections will be a lot…

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