Sex Education: Learning about Conception Prevention

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Over many years, socially, conception prevention has become a common thing in America. It is readily available and there are many different options. There is a stigma that women only use conception prevention to prevent pregnancy but slowly people continue to learn that it can help regulate hormones, control conditions like endometriosis, relieve cramps, and menstruation symptoms. In other places, conception prevention isn’t very well known and not many are educated. An MA should properly educate a patient on conception prevention and the different options. It is also important to ask the patient on their family planning to help find what is best for them. Religion can play a big part in conception prevention. In many religions, abstinence before marriage is the man talking point. That can also lead to many religions not believing in any type of conception prevention, especially pills, IUD’s, and other contraceptives.

Religion can also interfere with getting proper sex education and an abortion. It is important for an MA to be open-minded and that not every patient feels the same way towards conception prevention. The MA should make sure the patient is comfortable, in a private setting, and let the patient know that the conversation is private. Cultural consequences of conception prevention are that many believe that women must bear children, especially if they are married. This may lead to many thinking that conception prevention isn’t necessary. Many think that although a woman may not want kids now, they will in the future. An example of this is an age minimum and wait time for hysterectomy, even if its beneficial health wise. An MA should tell a patient that their body is theirs.

They can decide whether they want to go on conception prevention and should do what is right for them. Anything they do is private and will not be shared. Geographic’s can also have birth control consequences. In many places birth control is not well known, expensive, and/or not offered. In many places birth control is too expensive to receive. Usually if it is too expensive in some areas it is also not very available. This can lead to them not being offered or even considered. In others, it is not very common and not taught about. Especially if it involves contraceptives like IUD’s and conception prevention pills. An MA should educate the patient on what conception prevention is, the benefits, and different options they have. The MA should also give the patient different places that offer conception prevention and any possible discounts.

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