Birth Control: The Pros And Cons Of Why Its Important

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The vast majority in the United States “back up” the decision of sex education. Ninety three percent of parents individually support sex education being taught in middle school” and 96% in high school. The topics of sex education that is agreed by majority of parents are “Std’s, puberty, healthy relationships, contraception, and sexual preference”. There are “twenty four states that mandate sex education along with the District of Columbia”. Thirty four states mandate HIV education. Most states have some type of guide on how and when to teach sex education, but majority of the time it’s all up to the school district.

Recent research at Planned Parenthood Guttmacher institute announced to the public that “teen pregnancies have been at the lowest level in the past thirty years”. Although there is definitely a huge drop in teen pregnancies the “U.S. has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates”. This is a real problem for the United states. More teens use contraception “now vs the 1990’s”. In the 90’s sexually active teens used birth control or condoms half the time. Today that percentage has gone up to eighty six In 2001-2009 time span around $1 billion dollars was put into “abstinence only sex” education classes. This was intended with the idea that young people should wait until marriage to start being sexually active. Researchers at the University of Georgia evaluated the changes in teen pregnancies by state and noticed a boost in teen pregnancy with these abstinence only sex education classes.

Birth control has many pros and cons. Such as no “interruptions during foreplay”. The risk of getting “anemia from bleeding” and cramping is lowered because birth control can slow this down. With certain types of the pill you may receive little to no period which is a bonus for most females. Even though birth control has it’s pros it also has its cons.

Birth control does not stop you from receiving a “std or hiv” but latex condoms do. When using condoms though you always take the risk of it breaking the percentage of it breaking changes with the brand of the condom but anytime using them you take that risk. Not all medications can mix “with birth control”. If you use birth control “during early breast feeding” you take the chance of reducing the supply of your breast milk.

Overall birth control is something that should be consider whenever sexually active and not wanting to become pregnant. It can prevent unwanted pregnancies which can also lead up to lower abortion rates. In 2012 “ninety percent of abortions” occured due to unintended pregnancies”. Fifty percent of pregnancies in the U.S. are unintentional. This is from women not using contraception or incorrect use of birth control. Throughout 2008-2010 abortion percentages were 4.4 to 7.5 per thousand women. This is a sixty two to seventy eight percent less rate then the national rate of abortion at 19.6% per thousand women in 2008.

Intrauterine device is one form of birth control which is a small device shaped like a t. Intrauterine device or better known as (IUD) can only be inserted in by a healthcare professional. An IUD is inserted into the uterus to stop pregnancies. This device is classified as a long acting reversible contraceptive. Depending on which IUD you get they can last up to three to ten years. This device is more effective than oral contraceptive methods.

There are two types of IUDs copper or hormonal. The copper IUD has no type of hormone in it and is made out of plastic. It acts as a spermicide which prevents the sperm from reaching a egg and fertilizing it. Once it is put inside you right away it starts working. This can also be used as a form of contraception if used within 5 days after having unprotected sex. Copper IUDs last up to ten years and feel like there’s nothing inside you often times women forget it’s even inside them.

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Hormonal IUD have progestin levonorgestrel, which is a hormone. Hormones control different parts of your body. Progestin produces a mucus that thickens and the lining in the uterus thins which prevents pregnancies. Hormonal IUDs don’t always work right away you have to wait up to a week for it to become effective. If sexually active when receiving this it is best that you consult with your healthcare provider about some type of back up birth control. Based off which IUD you choose they can last up to anywhere from three years to five or ten years. When using an IUD at first there may be some sympton’s such as mild discomfort or spotting but the possibilities of these effects are not high.

The birth control pill is a convenient method of pregnancy contraception. The pill can prevent (PID) pelvic inflammatory disease. If (PID) goes untreated your fertility becomes a risk to lose. Regular period or lighter periods are likely to occur when using this supplement. When using this supplement you may take combination pills that will help regulate, change the timing, and frequency of your period. The pill is not only used for pregnancy contraceptive it can be used if you have amnesia which can be caused from heavy periods or non cancerous breast growth.

Unwelcome side effects come along with taking the pill as well. Headaches, breast tenderness, and nausea with some vomiting are all negative effects from using the birth control pill. These symptoms do not last forever though they go away with in the second or third month of using this supplement. In most pill packs there is a paper that you should read for more detailed information about all possible risk. You can take your birth control with an evening meal or bedtime to decrease the nausea or vomiting. Although you may possibly may feel nausea try to keep taking your birth control pill.

Taking a birth control pill is safer than giving birth. The chances of having problems with birth control increase if you are a smoker or older than thirty five these put you at risk for having problems with this supplement. If you smoke and are receiving any form of birth control you are more likely to get a blood clot vs a non smoker or a someone under the age of 35. The worst thing that can happen to you while taking the supplement of birth control is getting a blood clot in your heart, lung, brain or lung. Smoking even one cigarette a day can increase these negative effects of birth control. So even though you may think one cigarette here or there won’t kill you it actually can there’s professional researchers who have studied these effects on women and animals.

(DMPA) or better known as the depo is also a convenient form of birth control if taken when needs to be. For this shot to work correctly you need to receive the shot every three months. The depo shot is a shot of progestin. Progestin prevents you from having a child by stopping you from ovulating and making your cervical mucus thicker. Spermicides can not get together with a female egg when the mucus is thicker on the cervix because the sperm can not get through.

The depo shot is a great way to prevent pregnancy but just like most birth controls it does not prevent you from receiving any type of std along with hiv. Even though you are on birth control that does not mean you can not use condoms. Condoms help lower the chance of you receiving an std or spreading one.

This is a significant effective way to prevent pregnancies with very low failure rates but some women still have some concerns. Such as bone problems and weight gain. The depo shot is also known to cause “breast cancer in beagles and cervix cancer in women”. People who were against the depo shot still questioned how this method of birth control is safe? In low income areas along with “women of color” were fond of this method and the minority of this culture is what made this depo shot safe.

The depo shot is given in the arm through a needle. Women can only receive the depo shot from a doctor they can not give it to themselves due to it being a “intramuscular injection”. For most women it is hard to remember to take the pill everyday so this is why this contraceptive method is so highly effective along with it having progestin in it.

Overall birth control is only at its full potential when used correctly. The problems with these contraceptives usually occur with women thirty five and up and women who smoke. There’s multiple ways to prevent pregnancy if you follow the right steps with your birth control, this can help lower abortion rates. If you are not educated on sex and what can come along with it you can go on the Planned Parenthood website and research some questions there or book an appointment.

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