Essay Samples on Reproductive Health

Birth Mother's Choice of Child Adoption vs. Abortion

This overall question gives many people hope of what can be, while others consider it a nightmare. Both are a choice that affects the child and the mother. Child adoption is better than abortion because it is safer, less stressful, and sometimes easier on the…

Factors Causing and Affecting Teenage Pregnancy

This paper is research based on the topic “Teenage pregnancy”. It talks about the definition of teenage pregnancy and a research based on teenage girls getting pregnant at an early age. In this paper too it defines causes and effects of teenage pregnancy. Most importantly…

Millenials Opinion on Pro-Life Movement

What makes pro-life unpopular among the millennials? On May 15, 2019, Alabama passed the bill which would make abortion a felony offense except in cases of serious health implications for the child’s mother. This controversial bill has no exceptions for the rape victims or incest….

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