Essay Samples on Abortion

Birth Mother's Choice of Child Adoption vs. Abortion

This overall question gives many people hope of what can be, while others consider it a nightmare. Both are a choice that affects the child and the mother. Child adoption is better than abortion because it is safer, less stressful, and sometimes easier on the…

Millenials Opinion on Pro-Life Movement

What makes pro-life unpopular among the millennials? On May 15, 2019, Alabama passed the bill which would make abortion a felony offense except in cases of serious health implications for the child’s mother. This controversial bill has no exceptions for the rape victims or incest….

Ongoing Debate Around Abortion: Pro-Life Perception

Our great country, the sought after, ever-growing, United States of America. A country bound by laws founded upon morality, justice, and the Holy Bible. Our morality is established in law, famously scribed in the United States Constitution. The Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution states, “No…

How Abortion Has Benefited Women

Abortion has been an ongoing debate since 1973 after the US Supreme Court’s decision on the Roe v. Wade case, declaring abortion to be a fundamental right, as it is the woman’s decision whether or not to go through with the procedure. I prevail to…

The Debate On Abortion And Proposed Solutions

What thoughts form when the word abortion comes to mind? In all probability, ideas of fierce protests and hateful opinion are the first things associated with this current debate. Many support the practice, fighting against regulation of safety-net organizations that provide the “basic health care…

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