For Abortion and Being Pro Choice: Abortion as a Woman's Right

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Abortion is one of the subjects that have significantly given headache to many not only in the current society or modern world but is also a problem that radically grew from the past. Looking at social media platforms, newspaper headlines, a tune of radio stations and TVs and even when one walks by streets and listen to the developing conversations, the issue of legalizing abortion is constantly stirring and heating up many debates. It becomes one of the most painful occurrence and transits into a controversial topic and the point of contention is whether abortion should be legalized or not. In order to get solutions for this, different people have come into the light to address the issue providing their contrasting ideas, views and reasons as to why they support or deny the idea of abortion. In this case, it involves religious groups, civil society, the judiciary and those reinforcing cultural and societal values. The diversity of opinions is as a result of every group trying to justify reasons as to why they agree or disagree. As much as the abortion is a hard topic to think about, it is morally wrong to kill making abortion a life-threatening process but also, at extreme conditions where lives are involved, it becomes appropriate.

One arguable belief, in other words, “a statement of a claim” (Vaughn 19) for abortion is based on issues where the pregnancy is as a result of incest or rape. In such a situation, the victim involved in the assault undergoes emotional trauma and as a process an innocent life is formed. Imagine of a fourteen year old girl who has been raped. How can she be expected to get on with her life? Do you think she will ever recover if she has a baby? How can she receive a full education? Every time she looks at the baby, she will be reminded of the experience and regrets. However, contrasting arguments arise toward the situation. On one hand, some people feel that the involved victim should terminate the pregnancy in order to keep keep off the thoughts of the traumatic event and also, raising up a child who will eventually come to realize that he or she came about as a result of such an act will make the child hate themselves. Additionally, the victim will be faced with challenges raising a fatherless child. On the other hand, people against abortion will advice the victim to seek psychological counseling that will slowly help them recover from the trauma. It is important to note that these two conflicting claims can never support each other. (Vaughn 110) They believe that the issue of abortion is all in their mind and if they embrace the pregnancy, will find joy in holding the baby. For religious leaders, they believe that when God brings forth a child, they come with their own bounty. And the common preconception that when a baby is born, they grow up to become great people. For this case, instead of an abortion, the victim can chose give the child for adoption even give it to couples who have not had the chance of giving birth to children and in order to erase the memories, stay away from the child.

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Additionally, debates about abortion may rise up on a family table if a situation whereby a college student is pregnant. This becomes the most challenging part in deciding which choice to take, whether schooling or go ahead and give birth to the child. Let’s take an instance where by the student in question is not financially stable and receives all the support from the parents and relatives. Will she be able to raise the child and wholly provide for its needs? With this, comes up different solutions and ideologies. Those who argue for abortion argues out the the student, based on her financial status, unemployment and even cases of poverty lines will not be able to support the needs of the child which in turn, will make the rest born suffer in cases of disease and basic requirements. On the contrary, those who argue against abortion believes that the student can take a one year off studies and later resume which will in no way affect her educational career and once she obtains a job, she can be able to support the child. Giving birth with surrounding financial problems not only stresses the mother but also the child. If the student is not ready to raise the child, she can instead opt for adoption as a choice to raise the child and give them the opportunities to grow and explore their capabilities.

The radical idea of abortion also comes up in cases where two young people are involved in unprotected sex which in turn give rise to another life. With this, many women are always involved in casual sexual relationships where their only need is sexual satisfaction and if a baby results, they opt for abortion with reasons that they had no prospects of getting to marriage with the responsible father. Because of difference in social statuses, many men are not considered husband materials- and even parents often chirp in and reject some relationships. However, many argues out that this is a simple problem that can be dealt with the use of contraceptives like pills and condoms and in most cases, religious norms argues on abstinence till marriage. Despite that fact, there rises arguments that if the child is given a chance to live they may have great opportunities to change and transform the society. Following both arguments, I do agree with the issue of the use of contraceptives and even the implementation of sex education in schools. If this is introduced, many teenagers will be taught on how to avoid sexual relationships until marriage and if a need be, the necessity of using a contraceptive that will not only protect them from unwanted pregnancies but also other rising diseases from sexual intercourse.

Under serious medical conditions where the pregnancy is putting both the mother and the child’s life at risk, there comes a need to necessitate abortion. In the modern world, technologies have enabled medical practitioners to be able to detect pregnancy defects and in turn offer abortion as the only way out for the mother to survive.- which calls for legalization in such a case. However, several critics argues out that doctors have no rights whatsoever to determine who should live and who should not. To back up the argument, they state that children born prematurely at 26 weeks manage to survive and thrive well and just as how technologies have advanced to detect the defects, there should be more developed technology to help solve the defect. At this point, the need for an abortion is agreeable in that if the mother will survive, she would be able to give birth to more offsprings. It is easier to save a life than losing both.

Many people argue that the idea of abortion is a woman’s choice and in that case the woman’s privacy should be considered. As a matter of fact, in most state, abortion is one method used as a family planning method where she chooses to abort the child. This is both ethically and morally wrong in the sense that when the woman goes ahead for sexual intercourse, she is well aware that this will result into a baby and with her full consent, she goes ahead with it and later resolve for an abortion. In such a case, if the mother does not want to sire any more, she can opt for contraceptives that lasts for years other than abortion because when it comes to medical situations, it might lead to formation of cancerous tissues.

In conclusion, “ Our lives are defined by our actions and choices are guided by our thinking.” The topic of abortion continues to go on and on with each side giving justification on why abortion is appropriate or inappropriate. When it comes to cases of carelessness, there should be no abortion allowed whatsoever because the person in question chose to have sexual relationships with the consent that pregnancy will be an aftermath. In cases of medical conditions and sexual assaults, I do believe that abortion should be the first option to consider before anything else. It is the sole choice of the mother to decide what step to take in such a case.

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