Reasons Why Abortion Should Be Banned and Illegal

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According to the data collected by the center for disease control and prevention in 2015 there was 638,169 abortoin from 49 reporting areas in the united states. The number has been decreased from 2014 but it is a mind boggling number in how many unborn children’s life is taken away. For year pro-choicer and pro-lifers been debating each other wither abortion is right or wrong. Not only that it is a horrific act of murder it is unconstittutional to take the childs life. It goes against our 14 amendments to deny our future generations the right to live. And abortion on the bases of weather the babay is viablie outside the womens womb is not a stronge base becouse of technology and the way it is done is cruel and unjust.

The debate whether aboertion is the woman right vs the baby right to live has been going on for decades. Abortion is controvercial becoouse pro lifers argues that the baby has ponteial life which could be live and it should have the apportunety to live its life. Many people believe that it is the woman’s choice, because they believe that the child is part of the mother and that it is a parasite and that she could get rid of it pro-lifer also desgree with the way .

Pro-choicers argue that it is the woman’s body and thus meaning she could do what she wants with it. Many pro life advocates agree with that statement women can do what they want to their body as long as they don’t do anything that will negatively affect the unborn child’s life.(Marzilli) Some of the unborn child should be protected from a destructive mother Many pro lifers believe that society has to realize that the unborn child cannot be treated like property and that no one could own another human being.(McCuen45). Abortion is a dangrous prosiger that could cous long lasting damge to the womens mental state for example “A 2002 study of this data found that women who had an abortion were about 2.5 times more likely to commit suicide in the eight years following this event than women who delivered a child”. More importently it is a procces that termenates another human life and possbly two life could could be lost do to abortion.

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First of all, abortoin is strait out murder. For example murder is difenied an unlawfull killing of another human being whith some level of intent.(Brown). This is exactly what abortion is, someone is killing a defenseless human being with the intion to get rid of their mistake. Furthermore, Life in the words of science is defined as anything that adapt to its environment, reproduce, uses energy,and has the ability to grow and responsive to stimuli. In a scientific point of view life begins at conception and does not end until natural death.(Marazilli41) Based on this information, an unborn child is a life that can adapt to its environment, potentially reproduce, uses energy, and it has the ability to grow and could be responsive to stimuli. An abortion after conception is an unlaw killing of pontincoiul human being. Abortion goes agasnt the law created to protect all living human being a law that prohibits taking someone life. Likewise abortoin is murders act of taking an innocent unborn child’s life and it should be treated as one and we as a people should protect the right of a child to live.

No doubt abortion goes agaisnt our 14th admendemt and 9th admendemt. To illustrate abortion is denying the unborne childs rights to life. In the United State constitution it states that no one should “deprive any person a life” and the 9th amedment stats “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people”(abortion). As the Constitution say we as a people should not be able to decide who should have the rights to live and who shouldn’t have rights to live. Alan Marzilli the author of the book “Fetal right” will agree saying that an unborn child should have the same right as everyone else.(Marzilli17) Meaning that an unborn child should have the same rights as a fully grown adult as well as health care cover as a born child. “At the time the 14th Amendment was adopted, abortion was already illegal or being made illegal throughout the nation.”(Brown). In the mid-to-late 1800s states began passing laws that made abortion illegal. The 14th amendment guarantees life for everyone no matter what their background is. Therefore the value of an unborn child should be the same as everyone else.

Furthermore abrtion on the bases of viability is wrong and saying the viability of a child should determine whether it has the right to live is unethical. The viability of a baby at a younger week will increase as medical and technology improves.(McCuen85)For instance a couple centuries ago the chances of a premature birth survivability was none. According to a website a child is born in 24 weeks after fertilization “if born and given specialized care, the survival rate is more than 80%”.(abortion) But the viability of a child a serviveing out of the women is not a good base to make choice whether a child life should be termenated. Therefore aborrtion based on viability is not a good idea it says that a certain time you were worthless and that killing you was not a problem because you weret really a“child”.

In cunclusion abortion should be banned becous it is murdering an incent life which has no voice or a way to defende her or his life. Abortion is also unconstitutional do to violating our 14th amendment which protects our right to live. And abortion becouse a child is not a child is just an excuse to kill a child with out thinking you are killing a human being.  

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