Why Is Abortion Wrong

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Is abortion really any different than murder? One may think that abortion is okay because it is a woman’s body or because it should be her choice to make and she should have that right. Abortion is wrong because it is basically murder. Abortion is murder and its wrong, one should be responsible and use pretection while partaking in sexual activity, every life deserves a chance to live, and it should not be up to the woman alone because it is not only her child.

Many say that abortion should be an option for all woman facing pregnancy. One may think that it should only be a woman’s decision if she wants to birth the child or not. If it was the woman’s body then she would be the one who dies, no woman has the right to kill an innocent child and that’s why one may think that abortion is wrong. To have an abortion, one has to be 18 years old or older or they have to have parental consent or something. But if one wants to give up their child for adoption, nobody can stop them. There are no laws saying that you have to be a certain age to give up a child or anything like that. Adoption is free, while having an abortion can cost even more than $3,000 which is insane because it is wrong anyways

Why is abortion wrong? Abortion is murder because the definition of murder is to unlawfullly kill someone which an abortion does. One should be responsible while partaking in sexual activity and use protection of at least one kind. It can have many negative effects on the woman that could give her many dangerous health risks as well. If a woman is trying to make this decision on her own then she is completely excluding the father from making the choice and the father should have some say in it because it is his kid too. “If a mother can kill her own child – what is left for me to kill you and you to kill me – there is nothing between.” is what mother teresa said and one may agree with this quote because if a mother really can kill her own child and that is okay, then how are people going to prison for killing people they never knew and that were in gangs or did drugs and stuff?

People say that it is fine because it’s not a person yet but that’s false, by the time the mother is 3 months into her pregnancy, the baby can already do so much. By the time a baby is 3 months developed in the womb, it can yawn, suck its thumb, stretch,cover up their ears and even smile. Abortion is taking away the life of someone who hasn’t even had the chance to live yet. One may never know what that child was going to bring this world, maybe that was the kid who was gonna grow up and find the cure for cancer, or maybe that was the kid who was gonna find a solution to world peace or make a very affective donation site that could end world hunger. You just do not know what that child was going to have to offer this world and this world needs more good people on it.

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Having an abortion can also have many negative effects on the woman and one’s health. You can have a dangerous amount of bleeding after this and it can also damage your cervix and other organs too. One can even die from having an abortion if it is not done exactly right. One can have dangerously high fevers and have lots of abdominal pain and pain in the area they went in. One can have continued pregnancy after an abortion too, if the pregnancy is conitnued though, the child will suffer severe consequences and may have special needs. Adoption is a better option because, the woman doesn’t have to raise the child that she doesn’t want, the child gets a chance at a good life, and there is no dealing with the side effects of abortion. Some say that nobody will want to go through the adoption process because one does not want a child to go into foster care or an orphanage which leads to an unfortunate life. But however, this is not true because if a mother wants to personally select a family to adopt the kid then she can and she is in control the entire way through the process. One is able to complete the adoption process from anywhere, at any time during the pregnancy, even after the baby is already born. Abortion kind of has a time restriction that may rush a mother and father to hurry and make a decision and then they might not have time to consider all the options and actually do research to fingure out the best option. A lot of people chose to have an abortion and one may feel that if everyone was more informed about the process that they would actually go through then a lot less woman would have abortions. Many women say that their number one concern with putting their child up for adoption is that they will be placed in an unsafe home or with people having a negative influence on them. But, if one chooses which family they want the child to go to, then that is clearly not the case and one may even choose if they want it to be an open adoption meaning the mother and or father will continue to be a part of the kids life just not as a legal guardian. One may also choose to have a closed adoption meaning the child never knows about it’s biological parents. Nobody should be able to make this decision alone either.

This should not only be up to the woman who is pregnant, because that child has a father too. One may believe that since it is the girl’s body then she should be able to decide alone. On the other hand, one may believe that the woman should at least discuss this with the man. If the father is mentally stable, then I believe that he should definitely have a say in this situation because it is just as much a part of the man as it is of the woman. Some woman go behind the man’s back and have abortions, sometimes more than one. That leads to many babies being killed that could grow up in a loving family with two stable parents. And if the family would not be loving and stable then they should not be together anyways.

Abortion is such a big issue. 74% of women in America said they had an abortion because they do not want to be a single mother or becasue they are not married. If that is the case then you shoud not have sex before marriage like God commanded. If one is not in a serious relationship then they should not be having sex and then there are no worries about accidental pregnancy. If a couple is married, then when they get pregnant it is not such a big issue because you can raise it together or place it with a loving family together. Many couples are not even able to have children and really do want them, so you could be making someone else’s dreams of having a family come true. If one can not deal with the consequences and joy of having a child then they should not do the actions that come before it. There are just so many reasons as to why one should never consider abortion.

Is abortion really any different than murder? Abortion is wrong and nobody should ever have an abortion. There are so many reasons to be against it, its basically murder, adoption is a better option, it is expensive, it is taking away the chance of a great life for that kid and from couples who maybe can not have children. It is clear that people have some up with many reasons as to why it is okay to have an abortion but final line is it just is not a good thing. 

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