Why Abortion Should Be Legalized

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Women should have the control over their own body to protect themselves from any physical or mental harm. Many women endanger their lives for keeping the pregnancy or they are not ready for the change that the baby will make in their lives. This paper will be exploring the reasons on why abortion is the best choice for the female when she is not ready for the baby, when the pregnancy was caused by being raped, and when continuing the pregnancy could put the mother’s life in danger. Many women in the past would die because they would not be able to get rid of the pregnancy and they would continue the pregnancy till the baby was born and unfortunately they would pass away and leave the baby with the dad or by itself. When abortion was legalized by Roe v. Wade there was a significant decrease of women dying due to childbirth. Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in 1973 to the country because you could only do it in a little bit of states because the other states thought that aborting a unborn child was a crime and it wasn’t the right thing to do. Since 1973 there was an estimated number that says there’s been around 55 million successful abortions in the world.

Why abortion should be legalized? In some occasions it would be right for the mom to have an abortion to defend herself from the baby harming her health in a way. A woman has the right to kill the baby if she feels like that’s the best decision to make for the future. If the female decides to continue on with pregnancy she is putting her life at risk and the baby’s life also. Abortion is 11 times safer now than carrying a pregnancy to term because before many girls would continue on and have really bad complications when they gave birth or meanwhile their pregnancy. In 1998, 2.8 was the percentage of U.S. abortions that were intended to save the mother’s life or to avoid any types of problems to her health. There has been research that says the fetus develops out of the uterus for 64,000 women every year so for all those women getting an abortion could be the best route they take because then they will be having a lot of problems with their pregnancy and will have a horrible experience. An abortion can save a woman from dying or also save her from having really bad health complications because their body isn’t ready to take on that big of a challenge. More than 600 women die every year because of pregnancy complications. To allow abortion if necessary to prevent the death of the mother.

Another common and understandable reason a woman would want to have an abortion is being impregnated by the cause of being a victim of being raped. Each year unfortunately about 32,000 women are impregnated by being raped and are left with hate in their heart. The aftermath of rape survivors can face extremely difficult and painful emotions when they remember about the situation. Women who are 12 years old all the way till they are 34 have the highest chances of being raped.

Many women are left with a lot of trauma and have a hard time getting past it and forget about the whole thing. Some women can get rid of their trauma really fast and some could take up to years to move on and get rid of their trauma that they have deep inside of them. Rape trauma includes flashbacks, severe anxiety, depression, and thoughts of commiting suicide because the girl feels alone and believes that she doesn’t have anyone that is willing to help her and get through it.

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Some people might also think that taking the route of having an abortion is absolutely horrible and there’s no reason to kill an innocent baby that hasn’t done anything bad but they don’t know what the mother has been through and in this case if she was raped then she has every right to get an abortion because she is not obligated to keep it if the baby is just going to keep reminding her of the traumatic experience she had in the past. If the mother is obligated to keep the child then the child might have a horrible life because the mother would take all her anger out on the innocent baby for being the child of the guy who raped her. If she were to have it and give to a foster home then the child could be just going from foster home to foster home by itself not having anyone that truly loves and cares about them. A child deserves to have a family that loves, supports, and makes them feel safe and happy, not have to go through a lot of foster homes with false hope of one day getting getting adopted and always feeling lonely having no one by its side. No woman in this world should ever be forced to carry that monster’s child. To not let a woman do what she wants with her body is a form of legalized rape.

Also another reason why the mother might decide to have an abortion is because she is not ready mentally nor financially stable. There’s a lot of cases where young girls get pregnant without knowing and wanting to and they aren’t ready. If the parents are not financially stable then the baby will have to grow in poverty and will have a very hard time throughout his life until the parents get their financial situation together or the baby grows up and helps himself by working. About 15 million innocent babies grow up in poverty where it is hard for the parents to get money for food or for other things that are important for the baby. Abortion could be the right thing to do if you as the parent know that you will not be responsible enough to take full care of the baby and give the baby everything it needs so it could have a good life. There is also many occasions where the parents don’t take care of the baby and just give the baby to the grandparents so that they could take care of the baby and so they don’t have to worry about becoming responsible for their baby and having to go work to get money for the baby.

There has also been a lot of cases when the mother or father just goes to a place where it is lonely and they just leave the baby there until someone finds it crying or until a person finds the baby dead where they left it. A lot of women do this because they did not want to have the baby and they were forced to have it and they are not ready to take care so they leave it somewhere, where if she would have aborted the child, the child would not have to go through this. Women who didn’t get the chance to abort felt more regret and anger towards the child. A study has found that over 22,000 babies are left in the hospital every year by parents that don’t want to have responsibilitys.

In conclusion, women should be able to have the option of an abortion when they believe it to be necessary. Whether their health is in danger, they have been victims of rape, are not mentally or financially prepared, or any other unexpected circumstance, women should have the choice of terminating their pregnancy in a safe and legal way. Having this choice gives women the freedom of pursuing what is best for them and their future.        

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