The Choice Of Pro Life Or Pro Death In Abortion

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I, Lysander Spooner, am utterly appalled and dismayed by the recent wave of millions of murders that have been committed in the past 5 decades facing abortion. This epidemic needs to be upheld in terms of human virtues and rights that every individual is given, as soon as one is created. Around the World, people have come to give their thoughts on this issue. Uneducated and unethically, many have come to support this mass killing not acknowledging the science of justice.

In an article published by Jess McHugh titled, More Companies Are Openly Supporting Abortion Rights. That May Be Controversial, But It’s Also Good Business, illustrates how abortion is being supported by many people including business owners. Instead of thinking ethically, business owners are thinking of profiting even further by gaining the support of men and women who are pro-choice. The article starts off by telling a story of a man who “almost every day... would pass protesters holding pictures of torture and violence … He’d try to distract his kids, not knowing how to explain why these “obsessed people” came to be standing in front of a health clinic…” (McHugh 2019) This father should educate his children on how abortion is morally abhorrent because you are taking life away from a future individual. Not even asking for permission from the unborn fetus is taking away all of the rights the fetus has to live. By killing the embryo, the mother is no longer doing her duty of protecting her offspring’s life and would not be reproducing as naturally coveted. Abortion is intended at obstructing the means of reproducing (killing) and this goes against Natural Law beliefs. The author continues to add “When he had the opportunity to sign a petition to protect women’s reproductive freedoms, it was an easy decision.” This is wrong.

One should not be supporting death. A new human entity is formulated at the instant of conception and holds the equivalent ethical rights as every other individual. She then goes on by including “For corporations … supporting women’s reproductive freedoms is good business. Many of their users skew female; they are increasingly attracting (or trying to attract) women employees, and for apps that rely on gig workers, abortion bans can even mean lost hours as contractors are forced to seek care out of state.” I believe that these multimillion and billion-dollar companies should consider justice instead of wanting to profit even more. Any human being’s life taken intentionally is a current age human sacrifice.

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What is justice one might ask? “The ancient maxim makes the sum of a man's legal duty to...“To live honestly, to hurt no one, to give to every one his due” (Spooner 55). These companies definitely make more than enough money and don’t need to drop their beliefs fully, just to get the support of some pro-choice activists. As a member of society, justice is the bare minimum that a person must do to be a wholly moral person. If you see a person who doesn’t have a voice to speak, who is about to receive a lack of justice, then we owe it to the suffering person to help them get the justice they deserve.

Some might argue: What if the mother is at risk from the pregnancy? Isn’t it deemed fallacious and unmerciful to presume a pregnant woman has to die so that her baby can exist? In the case that a mother could be harmed, then abortion should be approved, ONLY then. Since the mother could be killed during pregnancy, it would be unethical to want to save the child instead of the mother. No one has the authority to make a decision to save the child and then let the mother live. Additionally, no other circumstances deem the action of getting a child aborted can eternally ever be reconciled or sanctioned. This including cases of incest, rape, not being prepared for a child, interfering with education, unable to afford a child or teen pregnancy.

Lastly, the article states “Last summer, staff at Yelp quietly combed through more than 2,000 businesses in its database to sort out so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” from actual reproductive health providers. These type of centers use deceptive and even bullying tactics to discourage women from getting abortions, but they can appear in Google searches for “abortion care,” despite the fact that they do not provide abortions.” This is a good way to reduce the number of abortions. Regarding Natural Law, force should not be used when you are trying to convince someone to support yours. They are not forcing or creating laws but rather just using tactics. “There can be no such thing as injustice. If there be no such natural principle as honesty, there can be no such thing as dishonesty; and no possible act of either force or fraud, committed by one man against the person or property of another” (Spooner 61).

My ideal solution would also include a nationwide child protection program that would be funded by the government or the tax paid Planned Parenthood. This program would be called “The Precious Life Protection Program (PLPP)”, and would be in every state in the United States and preferably be spread all around the World. This program would be a supportive agency that assures women that they can drop off their baby after they give birth and they would ask no questions. The agency will also ensure that the child is put in the perfect home and environment so that they can live a good life.

In conclusion, all human life, either unborn or born, has a right to live. Something must be done further about the unethical process of abortion. It is our duty to be just and speak up for those who don’t have the ability to use it. It is time we as a society fully start valuing and defending it. Natural Law defends the reason as to why abortion is abhorrent and inhumane.

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