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The Effectiveness of Alternative Medicine for E. Coli

The purpose of the experiment is to test the effect of alternative medical therapies on E coli Cultures. The control of the experiment will be the E. Coli culture that has no medicine applied. The dependent variable is the zone of inhibition while the independent...

Experiment on the Antimicrobial Effectiveness of Montmorillonite Clays

Despite having a great immune system, we, humans, cannot still fight dangerous pathogens such as bacteria or fungi and our contemporary civilization is still dependant on other various means of coping with them; thus we rely on modern-day technology to sustain this need. In this...

Report on Emergency Management of The Walkerton Water Tragedy

At its core the Walkerton Water Crisis of May 2000, occurred because a well operator did not check that sufficient chlorine residual was present in the water pumping from well 5 in Walkerton township. The town of Walkerton had received over 134 mm of rain...

Analysis Of Removal Mechanisms Of E. Coli

The mechanisms of E. coli inactivation or removal in woodchip bioreactors have not been fully explored. But, many removal mechanisms have been suggested and these involve chemical, physical, and biological interactions, alone or in combination. Physical mechanism may involve the filtration of micro-organisms through the...

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