How Abortion Has Benefited Women

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Abortion has been an ongoing debate since 1973 after the US Supreme Court’s decision on the Roe v. Wade case, declaring abortion to be a fundamental right, as it is the woman’s decision whether or not to go through with the procedure. I prevail to be Pro-choice when it comes to this subject. I strongly agree that it should be the woman’s choice, as it is her body and she should have control over it, not the government or anyone else. I believe that abortions should be conducted in certain situations, some of which include: rape cases, and cases in which the mother is either physically, mentally or emotionally unstable and not possessing the right capabilities to have a child. In addition, sometimes abortion procedures are conducted just because someone does not agree with the pregnant mother’s decision to have a child, but I believe that if she is stable financially, physically, and emotionally, then she is capable of raising the child on her own just fine. Some may argue that abortions cause psychological and physiological damage, however, that prevails not to be true.

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Medicine is always evolving, and now modern abortion procedures are safe and do not cause health issues afterwards. Women who are given the choice on whether or not to terminate their baby feel more in control of the situation and less stressed than those who have no say. Abortion should absolutely be pro-choice because it provides women with the choice to choose whether or not they want to bring a child into the world who has abnormalities or any sort of disease/disorder, because it may be too stressful mentally or financially for the mother. Moreover, if a mother is forced to carry a baby she did not even want in the first place to full term and try to raise the child, she might end up unconsciously neglecting the child and not giving it all the care it needs in order to grow healthily. Adding on to that, within the last decade there has been an increase in career driven women, and they need the capability to have the choice of abortion in case they get pregnant, because their education and occupation are important to them.

To career driven women, starting a family at the moment would not be ideal, and could lead to loss of motivation, determination, and even to depression. Having an unwanted baby enter the world, even if the parent is financially stable, could still lead to slow development for the child because they will lack the empathy that “wanted” children get from their parents. Ultimately, I am pro-choice because I believe that if abortion is done with good intentions, then there can only be a good effect from it. Women should have the choice to abort an unwanted pregnancy if they feel they are not ready to raise a child, and there should not be any consequences for that, because she knows herself better than anyone else. Abortion is a procedure that is well debated throughout the community, and with it comes mini debates, one of them being if the father should have a say. The father should have a say in whether or not the abortion procedure is conducted, only if he is in the mother and baby’s lives forever, and not just temporarily.

For instance, if there is a father who wants to abort the baby and has no intention to stay with the mother, then of course his input should not be included. On the other hand, if there is a father whose wife is pregnant, then he should definitely have a say, and the same goes for a committed boyfriend, as they would be the mother’s support system despite what decision she makes. However, even though these fathers are getting a say, it does not mean that the mother has to go with his decision, as it is still her body and her decision. Fathers can help the mother make the decision, but they are not the ones who can administer an ultimatum about the abortion.

My views may affect my role as a healthcare provider by keeping me open minded, as I will be able to see both points of view on abortion and be able to talk my patients through the procedure and the pros and cons of it in order to help them come to a conclusion. Being pro-choice can only enhance my role as a health care provider, because I will not be limiting, pressuring or influencing my patients towards or against abortion, as I am only telling them that it is their own choice to make and informing them about how abortion can affect them. In the event that I have a patient whose views differ from my own, I will respectfully listen to their point of view on abortion and still let them know all the pros and cons of the procedure, and allow them to make their decision. As a healthcare provider, it is my job to do what is best for the patient in the safest way possible, and regardless we will still proceed with caution and with all the knowledge on the procedure when coming to the final decision.

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