Should Abortion Be Illegal? The Controversial Debate

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The question of whether abortion should be illegal is a contentious and morally charged issue that revolves around conflicting beliefs about the value of life, women's rights, and societal well-being. In this argumentative essay, we will explore the reasons why some argue that abortion should be illegal, highlighting the ethical concerns surrounding the termination of pregnancies, the moral status of the fetus, and the potential societal implications.

Ethical Considerations and the Value of Life

One of the primary arguments for making abortion illegal is rooted in the ethical belief that all human life has intrinsic value and should be protected. Many opponents of abortion assert that life begins at conception, and terminating a pregnancy is equivalent to ending a human life. From this perspective, legalizing abortion would condone what they view as a grave ethical violation.

Proponents of this viewpoint emphasize that the protection of life is a fundamental principle that should take precedence over individual rights. They argue that society has a moral obligation to safeguard the lives of the most vulnerable, including the unborn. Making abortion illegal, in their eyes, aligns with the principle of valuing and protecting human life from its earliest stages.

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Moral Status of the Unborn Fetus

Central to the argument against legal abortion is the belief that the unborn fetus possesses moral status and inherent worth. Some argue that the fetus is a distinct human being with the potential for consciousness, experience, and a future life. From this standpoint, ending the life of a fetus constitutes a significant moral wrong that should not be sanctioned by law.

Furthermore, opponents of legal abortion contend that a fetus should not be deprived of the opportunity to develop into a fully formed human being. They emphasize that the potential for life and the moral implications attached to it should be considered when determining the legality of abortion. Making abortion illegal, according to this perspective, would align with the imperative to respect the moral worth of the unborn.

Potential Societal Implications

Another argument against legal abortion revolves around the potential societal implications of allowing unrestricted access to abortion services. Critics contend that legalizing abortion could contribute to a devaluation of life and a culture of convenience, where the termination of pregnancies becomes a routine solution to unwanted pregnancies. They express concerns that such a societal attitude could erode the sanctity of life and undermine the moral fabric of society.

Moreover, opponents of legal abortion argue that the availability of alternatives, such as adoption, should be promoted as a more ethical solution to unwanted pregnancies. They assert that a society that values life and prioritizes the well-being of all its members should support measures that preserve and protect life whenever possible.


The debate over whether abortion should be illegal revolves around deeply held ethical convictions, moral beliefs, and societal considerations. The arguments against legal abortion emphasize the intrinsic value of human life, the moral status of the unborn, and the potential consequences of unrestricted abortion access. While the issue remains divisive, engaging in open and respectful dialogue allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the complex factors that inform these perspectives.

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