Abortion Should Be Legal and Accessible in United States

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Abortion and reproductive rights is a very serious issue going on in the United States. It’s not right to have male figures representing female figures in an important law. However, many well-known people have reached out about the law on social media. This issue has gotten social media publicity surrounding it around the area. Twitter is the main social media app used to promote people’s opinions about the topic. For instance, Cory Booker, who formerly lived in Harrington Park, Bergen County, and was the former Newark mayor, spoke out about these rights. He makes his opinion known to Instagram, by posting about his support for abortion rights, as well as he defends women’s access to affordable birth control. He also believes in access to safe, controlled, and legal abortion procedures with no restrictions. (Cory Booker on Abortion). There are not many other Bergen County advocators, but there are numerous groups in Essex County and southern Jersey.

Feminists and women are mainly involved in this issue. They are largely set on the pro-choice belief and should not have men in charge of their beliefs and bodies. Studies have shown that 7 out of 10 Americans believe abortion should be legal. Many groups and individuals are focused on this issue. For example, many teenagers that were either raped, had unplanned pregnancies, religious causes, fetesus less than 20 weeks old, or are not ready for the resposibilities yet, are pro-choice. One million American teenagers get pregnant each year, and 78% are unintended. How would you feel if your teenager had a kid and was refused an abortion? Many cases were of rape, for where ages 13 or younger reported having 70% sex forced on them. New Jersey alone has 1,500 cases of partial-birth abortions per year. (Abortion Facts; prochoice.org).

In Maplewood, New Jersey, about 200 protested for a change in this issue. They held up signs to show their support of legal abortions and for women’s rights to abortion in the wake of Alabama’s new laws. Furthermore, they brought wire coat hangers to encourage others as a symbol of abortion. Other groups gathered in Somerville and Montclair in New Jersey. These events were hosted by the National Organization for Women of New Jersey, Blue Wave New Jersey and SOMA Action. People were brought together to talk about unjust laws passed in other states against restrictive abortion laws. (Grom). These groups have done everything they can, and everything legally, to support pro-choice and go against the laws that were passed. They encouraged others to join them in protest in three different towns, seek donations to Planned Parenthood and other funds, and even had religious people help support them in having the option to choose, which is held out of the social norm.

These groups have caused a mixture of consequences. The good part is that when these groups chose to wear the wire coat hangers, it would be delivered to sponsors of New Jersey’s “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act” bill. The bill was announced last week by Republican lawmakers. On the other hand, the bad part of the situation is that there is chaos surrounding these areas by other people and their opinions. For instance, Marie Tasy, executive director of New Jersey Right to Life, said the New Jersey protestors’ views were “inhumane” and “extremist.” She speaks about how technology and medicine advancements are turning the tables in today’s society. I think these consequences make the whole situation better because it proves to show that people care about this idea and display different sides to it. Abortion should be kept open to women for all these necessary reasons, and no men should ever make a law again about what women want in ther life and bodies. 

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