Why Should Abortions Be Legal

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In today’s society, abortion is something that is widely discussed and argued over.  Abortion is the intentional termination of human pregnacy that is often performed within the first 28 weeks of pregnacy. Many people have different views on this topic. Some people think abortion is acceptable while others strongly disagree. There are also others who stand in the middle and feel that abortion is only okay in certain medical situations, but not if a woman just wants to end her pregnancy. Those who feel stongly against abortion are working diligently to get abortion outlawed. However, I think abortion should remain legal and be the decision of the pregnant patient and her physician. There are certain ethical principles and standards to be followed when it comes to this particular topic. According to the National Abortion Federation, there are specific guidelines that need to be followed. A patient must be given professional and safe abortion care; the patient must also be informed and able to ask questions about procedures; the patient also has the right to report any abuse or neglect while being protected by laws of confidentiality. If all of these guidelines are followed, then there is no reason for an abortion to be considered unethical. There are many reasons for a woman to want to terminate her pregnancy. Whether it be for the sake of her own health or other reasons such as the pregnancy was a result of rape, incest, or child abuse, or that the child would be born with disabilities. A woman should have the right to make her own choice regarding her own body. She should not be obligated to carry out a pregnancy that would cause her or the baby harm in any way.  There are many positives or pros to getting an abortion in todays society. Legal abortions means getting access to professional care in a clean facility to carry about the procedure, this reduces the risk of a woman trying to perform her own or going somewhere dangerous Modern abortion procedures do not cause lasting health issues like they did back then. In today’s society, technology is much more advanced therefore procedures such as abortion are safer and cleaner than before. Some people have stated that abortions can cause mental health issues, this is untrue. 

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Why should abortions be legal? According to studies performed by the American Psychological Association, there is no scientific proof that abortions caused mental health issues. In 2011, the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AMRC) conducted studies to prove this. The AMRC concluded that rates of mental health issues were the same in women with unwanted pregnancy whether they received an abortion or carried the baby. In situations like the ones above, it is better for women to be allowed to terminate. A baby should not have to come into this world unwanted or live a life severely disabled. If a mother feels it is in her and the baby’s best interest, she should be able to abort. Logic would suggest that mothers who are able to choose when and how they want to raise a child are more likely to raise the baby in a loving, safe environment. Women who become pregnant after rape or abuse are in bad situations that a child should not be raised in. These women especially should have access to professional abortions. Reproductive choice empowers women by giving them the choice with what to do with their bodies.  Some people may argue that abortions are awful and shouldn’t be legal. These people may think this for a number of different reasons. They may feel that abortion is murder and that life begins at conception so unborn babies are humans with rights. At this point in a fetus’ life, it is just a bundle of cells therefore it isn’t a person yet. A bundle of cells does not have thoughts or feelings like a human does. Others may feel that abortions cause psychological damage. According to research, some women who receive abortions are at a higher risk for developing depression or having feelings of anger or regret. This may be the case for some but not all. Women have also reported having feelings of relief or contentment with their decision.

Abortion cannot be illegalalized just because a portion of women feel this way. Other people may be against abortion because they feel that women should have to take the responsibility that comes with producing a child. Most people argue that the mother should accept the consequences of her actions. This isn’t a valid reason to be against abortion. In situations where rape, abuse, or incest plays part a woman did not willingly have sex to conceive a child. Women who are victims of these crimes should have every right to terminate a child if they do not like the circumstances in which it was made. Women who carried out a pregnancy that was a product of rape may resent their child or not love their child like they normally would because the child would be a constant reminder of what happend to them. In this situation people believe adoption is a better choice, but it would still be a difficult one. A person may feel guilty putting their baby up for adoption because the baby wouldn’t have a full opportunity to be raised under the right conditions. That is why termination would be the better choice in a situation like this one.  No matter what happens in the world, there will always be people who support or resent abortion. It is their own personal preference. Abortion should not be taken away from everyone, if you are against it, simply just don’t get one. This opportunity shouldn’t be taken from every woman, they should get to have their own say in what happens to their bodies.

As mentioned earlier in this essay, women could have many reasons for wanting to terminate her pregnancy. They could have a condition which makes it difficult for them to carry a child, the child could have visible birth defects, or home life for that child wouldn’t be optimal. Abortion should remain legal for all women so that they have complete control over what happens to their bodies and lives. 

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