Traditional Medicine And Its Implementation In Modern Medicine

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Traditional medicine is a drug that can prevent or cure illnesses from the past to the present. Despite the decline in popularity, it is still necessary for living. The traditional medicine is derived from the knowledge, skills of living of indigenous people. Since the past When there are cultures, different landscapes, there are different traditional medicine treatments. In traditional medicine, local herbs are most popular because they are easy to find. There are also other methods of treatment such as acupuncture in China. Thailand will have Thai massage etc. One-third of the population lacking access to essential drugs and effective traditional medicine may become an important way to increase access to health services.

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If we talk about Health can be restored through lifestyle changes, massage, herbal treatment and or exercise. Various branches of Thai traditional medicine cover all these issues in the holistic system. Each herb has a different effect on the composition, in which some elements increase the composition while others decrease. In addition, each herb is classified according to its actions such as expectorant, expel, anti-inflammatory, etc. The exact prescription depends on the patient's illness, so two people who are sick from the same disease may receive different treatment. It depends on the doctor who is the traditional medicine being treated.

Massage and herbal treatments are ancient and alongside human life. they would find wild plants and, after that, discover that some had amazing medicinal properties. Over time, this knowledge was passed on from generation to generation. Later, 'samut khoi', a textbook that combines various therapies that have been produced for medicinal herbs, which are also classified by species and medicinal attributes. In addition, Thai food that is famous for its flavors often contains spices or herbs as ingredients that help prevent many diseases, such as shallot, which helps prevent flu. Cold, nasal congestion and help reduce nasal secretions, etc. At present, the herb has been extracted into the capsule, which makes it easy to eat, has medicinal properties like modern medicine and is not a residue as well.

The various types of massage in Thai massage have been popular since the twentieth century and consist of a long massage, massage and rubbing and gentle massage on the skin with oil. Sometimes use powder instead of good oil But not popular. An aromatherapy massage is similar to Swedish massage, which has the difference that oil is chosen. With this essential oil, customers will choose essential oils or specific ingredients that can treat specific symptoms such as stiffness, pain and pain, congestion, stress, and depression.

Therefore, the ancient treatment is still important to human life, regardless of the ancient treatment of the country, which has always influenced the people in that country because before the treatment in the current plan Come, there will be an ancient treatment that heals from illness. In this article, we are talking about traditional Thai medicine that has been alongside Thai people for a long time. It is unique to Thailand and will be together with Thailand forever.

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