Cardiology Practice in Facing Common Billing Challenges

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One of the biggest challenges faced by Cardiologists today is striking a balance between financial efficiency and practice management. Recent changes in regulations have contributed to lower reimbursements for Cardiologists. There has been a constant rise in demand for skilled and experienced resources. 

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Resources that will assist a cardiology practice in facing common billing challenges and impart revenue cycle improvements. Many practices have turned to viable solutions, some training existing while some hiring new and experienced staff Outsourced Cardiology Billing services is one such solution practices owners have explored extensively. Do practice owners need billing partners? Billing for a cardiology practice is complex due to the nature of services, which are valuable and highly specialized. 

Treatment is usually accompanied by multiple visits and huge sums of money. Cardiologists need to ask themselves. Is their billing staff equipped enough to face the challenges? Unfortunately Not. Several Intricacies of the process, use of modifiers and constantly changing regulations mean cardiology billing can not be left in the hands of untrained staff, even worse, physicians themselves. Billing for a cardiology practice requires knowledge of appropriate coding, application of certain modifiers and general billing procedures. Specifics of billing such as medical necessity and component coding further add to the complexities. 

At Bikham, we are adept at handling billing for cardiology practices of all sizes and specialize in creating a unique approach to Cardiology billing services. Over 14 years of experience working with cardiologists nationwide ensures our expertise is second to none and the results, unparalleled. How we help you. Exceptional coding : The filed of cardiology gets introduced with new practice technique and procedures regularly. A strong back-end billing process is important to work with complicated insurance contracts and multiple procedure reduction rules Our Certified coders are trained and updated on any change in regulations. 

Cardiology being a practice with frequent changes in regulations, we strive to submit clean claims with minimal billing errors. Errors are reduced drastically, reimbursements increase exponentially More time for Patients: All claims are processed within 24 to 48 Hours ensuring you spend majority of time with patients and not buried under claim forms. We ensure you spend time practicing, proving quality patient care. Savings & Availability : Not only cardiologists save on time and a lot of money that would have been spend on expensive in-house staff, Dedicated teams work round the clock to ensure services are always available to you. 

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