Stimulation of Nervous System in Alcohol Abuse Crime

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In total 11 million victims of violence each year, almost one fourth of them said that the perpetrators of brutality used alcohol before (Greenfeld 1998). Two-thirds of the victims of violence caused by an intimate reported that alcohol was a factor (Greenfeld 1998). Alcohol is a colourless burnable liquid made by natural ferment of sugar and it can make us drunk (Oxford Dictionary). Alcohol abuse can reduce judgement, abate self-consciousness and rise the risk of offensive behaviors. Violence and crime origining from alcohol are the outcomes of compound interactions between private and environmental factors that either encourage or moderate crimes ( Alcohol and violence, 2016) Violence and crime are negative finalities coherent with the consumption of alcohol. According to a USA report from National Centre: of 500,000 cases of crimes relating alcohol reported each year, the vast majority of them are homicides, three-fifths in total are sexual abuse, 37% assaults related alcohol and a minority are child abuse. These figures illustrate distinctly the enormous prevalence of alcohol-related crime, not apart from anyone. For a USA newspaper, Nick Evershed (2008), the author of “Alcohol-related violence: numbers don’t always tally with the media attention”, said that he was down some teeth after a suddenly attack on the street and his friend was hospitalised because of fracturing his skull. In 1996, law agencies estimated about 1,467,300 dententions for driving under alcohol’s influence (Greenfeld 1998). In addition, annualy, there are over 600,000 students in youth ages who are attacked by another drinking student, 95% of all violent crime on the universities relates to the use of alcohol by attacker (Galbicsek, 2016). With excessive drinking, not only do we deface your future, we also drive others to the edge of danger. Through many years, there are lots of newspapers mentioning to the harms of alcohol and alcohol-related assaults but very few studies are made to show the connection between alcohol and brutality and offense. Therefore, the purpose of this paper, based on secondary data, is to discuss implications of alcohol on violence and crime as well as the prevalence of this problem.

Stimulating The Nervous System

The primary effect of alcohol is that drinking can harm the ability of someone to pay attention, remember things and make good judgments, many studies found. As reported by Marlene Oscar–Berman and Ksenija Marinkovic, the brain is one of the body organs which are prone to injury from alcohol. According to the study “How alcoholism works”, alcohol affects brain chemistry by changing the levels of neurotransmitters, the chemical signaling across the body to control the process of thinking, behavior and emotion (Watson, 2008). Alcohol, nothing else, is a persistent toxin, just as it is not labeled 'poison”. Drinking helps us be merry at that time, then doesn’t. Dr Jonathan Chick, expert on alcohol and alcoholism, says that people drinking several times consecutively can sometimes undergo subtle changes on the brain which makes the difficult learning from mistakes and learn how to solve new problems because their brain functions were impaired (Campbell, 2008). Alcohol, it is accepted that once touched, the hard to end up.

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Victims don’t let that put them off, as a consequence, aggressive or uncontrolled acitivities can appear. Professor Mcmurren, psychologists at the University of Nottingham, said: 'alcohol reduces the ability to think straight. It narrows our attention and gives us tunnel vision”. Moreover, when we are drunk, this warning system does not work and this can take us into dangerous situations or confrontations. According to “Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (1997)”, by weakening the processing of information, alcohol can also lead a person to evaluate the wrong social signals, therefore, the excessive reaction against a perceived threat occurs. Contemporarily, the shrinking of attention can lead to an inaccurate assessment of the risks ahead and trigger impulses immediately.

Affecting Human Behavior

Most of us have witnessed symptoms of heavy drinking: stumble, gruff words and dementia. People who drink alcohol have problems with balance, judgment and their coordination. Their slow response to stimulation is reason why drinking alcohol before driving is very dangerous. According to CDC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), in 2015, about 10,265 people died due to traffic accidents related to alcohol, accounting for nearly one third (29%) of traffic deaths in the US. Every day, 28 people in the US die from motor vehicle accidents involving drivers with alcohol. This is a death every 51 minutes. When drunk, humans can not control himself, words then are the words of wine, which leads to work on animal instinct, which we call 'temporary madman'. When someone accidentally bumps into you in a crowded place, most of us can ignore and treat it as a normal disruption for a day, but with alcohol, a harmless shock can suddenly be understood as a serious threat, or even a deliberate action of aggression. Basing on “Alcohol related crimes”, alcohol may enhance the sense of hopelessness of a robber and make him steal money or property of someone (Galbiksek, 2016).

For offenders, alcohol can intensify their aggressive behavior. Galbiksek also shows an estimate with 37 percent of cases of sexual assault and rape made by offenders affected by alcohol. Alcohol-related multiple murders across the United States compared with other substances, such as heroin and cocaine. In fact, about 40 percent of those convicted killers had used alcohol before or during a crime (World Health Organization,2006). 2.2. The involvement of alcohol in family and society. 2.2.1. Causing domestic violence. Alcohol, much evidence illustrates that is not the root cause, but it is a combination of factors leading to domestic violence. It is estimated that alcohol relates to half of partner violence in Australia and 73% in physical attacks. In 2010, 41% domestic assaults where alcohol presents occur in New South Wales ( Wilson and Taft,2015). According to Victorian data, proportion of family violence related to alcohol continuously increased from about 15 to 23 cases per 10,000 in a period of ten years. Beer drinking rate in Vietnam has increased more than 200 percent in the past 10 years, media said recently, 60% of incidents of domestic violence in Vietnam are related to alcohol ( AFP, 2015). There has been much attention for alcohol-related violence in pubs and around pubs and on the streets. Clearly, this violence often has tragic consequences and attractes condemnation worthy of the public, as well as legally sanctioned in some jurisdictions (Wilson and Taft, 2015).

Increasing Social Crimes

There is a close link between the violence and the criminal. rape has been shown to have the contribution of alcohol in it. Drinking does not mean to cause rape but it affects this action. For example, queer women could be vulnerable because the men feel they are more sexual (Abbey, Zawacki, and McAuslan in 2000;. George et al, 1997) and is therefore ready to make sex and ignored the woman's resistance. Approximately 90% of the sexual assaults reported by college women are perpetrated by someone the victim knew; about half occur on a date (Abbey,1996; Koss, 1988). It is reported that report that 74% of perpetrators and 55% of the victims rape in model representing her country in the University the students had been drinking alcohol (Koss,1988). The stress, hassle money, instability, and many other factors can affect the amount of alcohol of consumers. However, alcoholism not only affects an individual, but also affects family members and friends-including children. About four in ten who abuse children were admitted under the influence of alcohol during a crime (Galbicsek, 2015). Aggregate level alcohol business analysis and the murder rate in Europe showes homicides occur more often in the location evidence of heavy alcohol consumption (Razvodovsky, 2008).

Recommendations And Conclusion

Unlike illegal drugs, it can be found everywhere, participating in violent crimes including savage, ravishment, assault and incidents. After analyzing the problem, we can realize alcohol is not good, so what is the most effective way to prevent its consequences? Firstly, for residents, they should report the sale of wine alcohol for the police or any problems with licensed establishments, such as the sale of alcohol to minors, the police and local authorities. It is necessary to make sure that the retailer community aware of concerns. Secondly, the parents have to talk to children about alcohol and its effects and encourage responsible for drinking. They also make sure what children are doing and take responsibility for any kinds of alcohol stored in the house, checking to see if your children use it. Your best work method is responsible for their own behavior, which is the most effective learning of the children. Thirdly, for schools, not only do they educate students about the dangers of alcohol, but the heads of the education also take responsibility and speak to staff of schools and must connect to the police in any circumstances. Finally, recommendation for bars, make sure that alcohol cannot be sold to young people under the age of 18. The staff and guards should be trained to deal with drunks and refuse to serve them anymore. Any types of crime occur are considered and this shows that alcohol abuse always plays an important role in incitement. For this reason, investment in awareness of alcohol and how to prevent its effects is one of the best ways to reduce the incidence of alcohol-related crimes.

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