Essay Samples on Heart Attack

How to Save Lives With CPR

The response to cardiac arrests is fundamental skill needed within the ambulance service, each year nationally responding to approximately 60,000 suspected arrests and attempting resuscitation in 28,000 (Perkins et al., 2018). As the survival rate from cardiac arrest is already very low in England, with…

Performing a Safe CPR and AED in Emergency Situations

Emergency cannot be predicted. An emergency situation can occur anywhere. As a personal trainer you should have cpr/aed and first aid knowledge because when clients are working with weights and machine we can never predict anything and we don’t even know complete health situation of…

Heart Attack Detection By Using Aurdino Uno

Abstract Heart attack is a global leading cause for death among both genders men and women. However, occurrence of heart attack is not predictable. currently there are number of health monitoring system available for patient, but all these system works mainly when there is emergency…

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