Reasons Why I Believe That Smoking Should Be Banned

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Have you ever seen a cigarette? I'm pretty sure you have. Have you ever walked by someone and got a mouthful of smoke blew in your face? Probably. Have you ever considered starting to smoke? Well, hopefully not after reading. In this 'Smoking should be banned' argumentative essay I will share my statements on why cigarette and smoking should be banned. 

There are many dangers that come with smoking and one of the main issues is Cancer. People who smoke are aware of the dangers of smoking, and these days the tobacco companies are not even allowed to advertise cigarettes and they are also hidden from view in supermarkets. Which means you have to go to another counter and they will get them from a drawer or a cabinet .If you buy a packet of cigarettes now, there are pictures of body parts on the carton with the heart or lungs, which have the smoking damage. This was done in order to frighten people with the damage your doing to your body and hope that you may think twice about smoking.

With a figure of 130,000 people who smoke, it is estimated that over 55000 will die from Cancer. Smoking not only causes Cancer it has other smoking-related diseases such as emphysema which affects the lungs. So this makes you wonder about the number of fatalities that happen each and every day from smoking. Statistics state that you can live a longer life if you are a non smoker. So do you still think that smoking ban is useless and worth taking the risk?

Smoking Harms Not Only Your Life

Someone smoking is not just harming their own life they are harming other people around them with their excess smoke. Passive smoking also known as second hand smoke is when you are in the vicinity of someone smoking you are in danger of inhaling their excess smoke, statistics state that approximately 7000 may die from passive smoking. Family pets are also affected by passive smoking i.e. Cats, dogs, hamsters etc. common ailments are chest problems and skin irritations.

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Carbon monoxide which is found in cigarette smoke is a harmful chemical which can kill. It has came as no surprise to me that sixty other harmful chemicals which have been found within cigarettes causes cancer. Children who have parents that smoke are at a higher risk of lung cancer than children whose parents don't smoke. On the 5th December 2016 the Scottish Government passed a law, that it is illegal for anyone to smoke in their car whilst having a person under the age of 18 years old, this is to protect them from passive smoking in confined spaces. Does one of your close relatives smoke? If so your lungs may already be damaged or even your heart. Heart problems is also a major concern for smokers, if you are able to stop then your blood circulation will improve and the it is estimated the risk of having a heart attack decreases by 40 and 50 percent.

There are many other reasons why I chose to write this persuasive essay about smoking, it should be banned also because smoking is deemed unattractive as you may be aware that cigarette smoke lingers and this can cause your clothing and surroundings i.e. furniture to smell. A lot of smokers tend to have pale skin this is cause by restricted blood cells. Sadly, smoking also causes bad breath which is called Halitosis. If you haven't realised yet bad breath isn't very attractive, and people will stand back from you when you are talking, Breath mints and chewing gum will only suppress it for a short time. Smoking will discolour your teeth (yellow) and it can also discolour your fingers due to the nicotine within the cigarette. Many people who smoke tend to have wrinkles around their mouth due to holding the cigarette between their lips.

In 2006 a smoking ban was put in place in Scotland to stop people from smoking in public buildings, this is led to people who do smoke having to leave the premises and having to smoke outside in all climates, many people have deemed this anti-social as they have to leave restaurants, pubs and clubs etc to go outside to a designated area to have their cigarette.

Finally if you do smoke, there are many reasons to quit as mentioned above. Smoking does damage your health. If you stop, you have a chance for your body to recover and repair itself i.e. It has been proven that even after stopping for just three months, your lungs can show signs of improvement.


So should cigarette and smoking be banned? In this essay I state that yes - it should be banned. Unfortunately, even after knowing these facts many people will be amazed why people still smoke, is it the fact that many people smoke because their family did it? And they think smoking is a normal part of life. Others may have started young i.e. School where they thought it was cool to smoke or they succumbed to peer pressure.

I believe that smoking should be banned from the uk, not only do the harmful fumes hurt you they also affect others! Why keep a product that harms not only the user but also anyone around them. Smokers are being selfish, it's not just their health they are harming they are putting everyone around them at risk. Imagine how many lives would be saved if people didn't smoke. Some smokers try to give up by using nicotine patches and nicotine chewing gum but there are a lot of different products on the market to help people stop is possible to stop. To be honest, in my opinion there shoul be a nationwide smoking ban. And my last message: please don't take up smoking as it not only ruins your health it also affects your bank balance.  

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