Saying No To Drugs And Preventing Further Damage

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Drugs is affecting people lives in the United States. People most likely state using drugs during adolescence and young adulthood. Drugs also affects all of us, wherever we live and whatever we do. Drugs cause serious physical and mental deterioration. They can cause damage to kidneys, liver, heart, and can cause harm to your memory, make you hallucinate, and can cause death. Drug problems tear families apart. No matter what type of drug you try you are that much closer to becoming addicted to it. Drugs can also ruin everything you have worked so hard for. It is extremely important to recognize drug addiction at the right moment so it will not ruin your life. Hopefully they can clean out my area to make everyone else life better. They can always start by hiring police officers/detectives to watch the neighborhood/county. They can come up with ways to post signs to say, “drugs not allowed, if found consequences will be issued”. Then they can also put a gate up, so they must have a pass or something to get into the neighborhood.

A small town in Savannah, Georgia called Midway is facing a big problem; drugs. My family and I live in the community Woodland Lakes, which is a small community within the city of Midway. There are multiple drug related problems that happen right in hind sight. Drug distributing, drug use, overdose, and much more that is affecting this community. Once a week there is a drug bust within this community and the police are doing all that they can do, but it seems that the drugs are outsmarting the law. I have witnessed many drug deals in front of my home with my children playing in the yard. When you call the law enforcement, they try all that they can, but without the evidence they cannot make an arrest. This drug problem is problematic to this community because it creates unsafety for our children and our homes. My children should not have to witness someone who is on drugs walking down the street. This community use to be very nice without problems until the drugs started to arrive. The POA of our community is working hard to fix this problem, but in the mean time we have to just wait and hope that the problem does not get any worse. This problem needs further understanding so that we as a community can come together, face the problem, and work together to fix the problem. This issue interests me personally because being a criminal justice major, I want to better communities likes this one. The drugs must stop, it ruins lives, families, makes people take their own life or the life of another person, and I believe it must stop. I have personal concerns because I have 4 children, and I do not want them to grow up in a place where seeing a drug deal, police flying in and out, and people who are on drugs walking around for all to see. I never want to expose my children to that type of environment.

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The neighbor I live in use to be one of the nicest places to live. It had no problems with drugs. The first time I started seeing a change is when they started letting people live in campers. Now it looks like the campers are taking over. When I sit on my front and see people walking, falling in ditches, and meeting different people, you know what they are doing. It is starting to get a little better now. They are finally busting the drug dealers and trying to clean out my neighborhood.

It is a process with getting my area clean from the drugs. Police Officers has been in and out of my neighborhood pulling over people and arresting some of the drug dealers. There was an arrest of 18 people that lives in my area that was busted for 20 counts ranging from methamphetamine, marijuana and possession with fire arms. The charges can carry penalties upon conviction of up to life in prison. My county who conducted the bust. My county sheriff office is trying to clean this area up from drugs. In the county archive it says the drug rate has went down by 5% since the start of 2019. There is always a chance for change.

There have been meetings at our POA meetings about putting up signs stating that drugs are not allowed. We have been trying to come up with ideas to put on signs stating there will be consequences if caught with drugs. We need to get together to come up with different ideas to try to clean our little neighborhood. We are also talking about putting a guard shack out front of the entrance with police officers checking and making sure you have a pass or key to get through the gate. We need to also make our neighborhood where its only for houses and mobile homes. There are so many campers that are abandoned that has been found as meth labs, so if they make it where no campers can be lived in, it will help with the drug rate. So, let’s get this problem out of this area, so people can have their normal life back.

In conclusion, although the drug problem may feel like it’s impossible to eliminate, there are ways that can be taken to weaken drug problems in society. Drugs are a big problem for the society and drug addiction is becoming an even bigger one. People who are addicted to drugs face many different problems in their lives, such as family problems and health problems. People need to take a step backwards before they can take a step forward, so the government and the entire society must help fight the drug problems. The danger from drugs are too great to ignore, so we must act now to save our society. We must combine as one and help each other and be by each other to make a stand to keep drugs away from our society. We have to do whatever is possible to clean this society and make it safe again for our kids and families. In other words, when the problem areas are addressed then the drug problem will finally be resolved.

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