Death Anxiety: Living Life To The Fullest

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We are living our life to the fullest, the last stage of our life are when the vital activities of a living beings come to an end and death is an inevitable truth for all living beings (Yilmaz & Vermisli, 2015). Anxieties about our expected death may shape the way we live and experience in the present time. Death anxiety derives from death awareness and it is decreases through distal fear control defenses. (Pyszczynski, 1999). It is also defined as the state in which one individual experience physical symptoms, like being upset and nervous, feeling of worry and fear related to one’s own death and dying result by an imagined threat to one’s existence. Particularly it includes four dimensions as follows. First is physiological nervous reactivity. Second, continual thought about death and dying or death related events. Third, feeling of worry and fear when thinking about own death or dying. And lastly is avoidance of thoughts and events associated with death and dying (Cai, Tang, Wu & Li, 2017).

Death anxiety is expressed as an unpleasant feeling caused by existential concern that will result to think about others death or their own death (Mckenzie & Brown, 2017). On the other hand, “death anxieties” involves prediction of one’s own death and fear from loosing or dying one important people or relatives in their lives. Beiski considers death anxiety as a thought, fears and emotions which are related to the event at the end of life beyond the current state. It is also defined as an unusual and big fear from death that is accompanied with the feeling of horror or fear when one person thinks the process of death of the feelings after death. Death is the biggest problem of the lives of many people it has a complex that accompanied with a lot of psychological symptoms of pain as well as suffering (Alma & Azarian, 2016).

According to the researchers, one of the areas that have received little attention in regards to literature of life is related on how it is measured. Individuals preoccupation with death and dying is inevitable. One of the most important human considerations in relation to death and dying is fear of loosing or what we call “death anxiety” (Azarian, Aghakhani & Ashuri, 2016). Sometimem we have our own experience regarding death anxiety and it seems natural to us people, but like other fear if this anxiety looks very severe it will undermine efficient adjustment (Azarian,, 2016).

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