The Problems of Feminism in Society and the Hypocrisy of The PC Culture

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From the events during the recent years, a “political cult” has been seen and witnessed by the world and it has taken millions by storm in social media, newspapers, news outlets, and most importantly the internet. This crusade has gotten humans to be engaged in a rather peculiar movement known as the PC or Politically Correct movement. Now as many would think and agree that this isn’t such a bad thing, right? People getting together, to being more “open minded” about the different lifestyles around them, advocating anti-racism, promoting woman’s rights etc., We’ve heard it all and as long as you own a device that connects to the internet you’ve more than likely heard of them. This paper will explain why this type of toxic, crybully culture will cause a problem in years to come.

Who would think that advocating against racism and promoting LGBT rights be a bad thing? It makes people more tolerant of others, it creates a stronger bond between humans as a whole right? And you would be Correct, as there is absolutely nothing wrong with standing for your beliefs. There is absolutely nothing wrong by standing up against racist groups, and there is absolutely nothing wrong by fighting for equal rights for everyone. But the problem doesn’t lie in the message that this movement “claims” to convey, the problem is in the way they have turned themselves into one of the most toxic and hateful groups this world has had the pleasure of witnessing.

Lately this group has raised the PC flag as their banner of “equality” when in reality most will just use it as an excuse to try to prove their elitism to others that they’re better than others, that their “tolerance” makes them better people than the rest of the world, while hating and demonizing anyone who doesn’t agree with their beliefs. These groups mainly using a confused form of sex and gender as their political agenda when in reality both are completely different. For example, sex (in a biological point of view) is biological, primary and secondary sex characteristics its what one was born as, its what our genetics tells what we are, while gender on the other hand, a social characteristic (masculine or feminine), and it is something that we can decide to be later on in life based on our genetics.

I believe sociological viewpoint plays a huge role on why the extreme feminists are always confused and angry about things that should not take place in this useless struggle for power “to be the better gender”. Yes, sexism exists, but that is why we now have laws against it, and why we have protection for people suffering through this. It is part of being in a first world country, and what most extreme feminists don’t seem to understand is that we are different, and we play different roles in life. In our sociological viewpoint on gender, women and men are taught by their family and society how they should act and what job they get based on their sex. As a woman I can understand why I am biologically weaker than most men, as biology is the characteristics we are born into and cannot be changed. Our society, or culture, teaches me the roles of being a woman and the jobs that are suitable for myself. Therefore, I would never work construction or be a bouncer at a night club. Women are biologically appealing. We are slimmer, smaller, as our bodies are meant to endure miracles such as childbirth, and it is the reason why you will never see a man breast feeding or working as a server on hooters. I would understand the modern-day feminist more if we were living in China or in India, where gender inequality of violence and sexism is still high. Sexism is prejudice against a person’s sexual category, which is women in this case, and gender inequality of violence are the actual acts of violence against women. Women in these sorts of countries are the minority group, which is a group of people with similar cultural or biological characteristics who are singled out from the others in the society. Unlike the them, a first world country like ours is where majority of women would win most court cases for child custody and where women are given maternity leave. Unlike mothers, fathers are rarely given faternity leave to be with their wives and children and to care for them. One example is the personal experience of Natalie Bao Tran Le, a Harvard student writer for “The Crimson” She explains: “I share the same LGBT demographic with the protesters that stood and held up “Fight Transphobia” signs, but they do not speak for me—especially as they infringe upon free speech and expression. Being part of a protected class does not give us the privilege or right to shut down speech just because we do not like what we hear. As a demographic whose cause is founded on tolerance and acceptance, we are hypocritical for supporting PC culture.” (Natalie Bao Tram Le)

Let’s take modern day extremist feminism, which is a big part of the now growing PC Culture for example. Many of them show negative attitude towards the pay gap and believe that men still have more rights than women and it is not the case. For example, extreme feminists would mention the suicide rate of women and how it affects them in everyday life when the suicide rate of men is much higher. According to an article on, men are 4 times more likely to commit suicide than women along with a whopping 79% of all suicides being related to males only. (SAVE)

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Another idea that toxic feminists tend to use is the pay gap, which is the average earnings of men and women working full time. It does not count for different job positions, hours worked or different jobs. It has nothing to do with the same job. It has nothing to do with discrimination. Carrie Lukas, female writer and journalist on Forbes writes that feminists advocating for “equal pay day” A holiday feminists advocate to raise awareness of the so called pay gap myth is flawed and outright wrong. She beautifully explains that: “Equal Pay Day is supposed to represent the day that women have finally earned enough to make up for last year’s wage gap. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, full-time working women earned 81 percent of what full-time working men earned in 2010 (the most recent data available), leaving a “gap” of 19 percent between the sexes. But that means to make up for that “under-payment,” women would have to work through March 10. So, we are celebrating Equal Pay Day more than a month late. Yet the mistaken logic of Equal Pay Day goes deeper than this simple calculation.” (Lukas) She then goes on to say that, Equal Pay Day presumes that the difference between men and women’s average earnings stems from discrimination.

The pay gap statistic, however, doesn’t compare two similarly situated co-workers of different sexes, working in the same industry, performing the same work, for the same number of hours a day. It merely reflects the median earnings of all men and women classified as full-time workers. The Department of Labor’s Time Use Survey, for example, finds that the average full-time working man spends 8.14 hours a day on the job, compared to 7.75 hours for the full-time working woman.” (Lukas) She proves that men working 5 percent longer than women already disproves over one quarter of the wage gap myth, and that is one of the many other contributing factors that basically creating the wage gap myth.

Many other reasons contributing to the wage gap includes the fact that “Women tend to seek jobs with regular hours, more comfortable conditions, little travel, and greater personal fulfillment” while on the other hand “men often take jobs with less desirable characteristics in pursuit of higher pay. They work long hours and overnight shifts. They tar roofs in the sun, drive trucks across the country, toil in sewer systems, stand watch as prison guards, and risk injury on fishing boats, in coal mines, and in production plants. Such jobs pay more than others because otherwise no one would want to do them.” (Lukas) It is also mentioned by Denise Venable that “A study by the Center for Policy Alternatives and Lifetime television found that 71 percent of women prefer jobs with more flexibility and benefits than jobs with higher wages, and nearly 85 percent of women offered flexible work arrangements by their employers have taken advantage of this opportunity.” (Venable) Men have a much higher chance of suffering grave injury or death in the workplace and that in my opinion deserves a much higher pay than any other woman working a comfortable desk job near her house. Not only does this prove their hypocrisy and desperation for attention but it also proves how uneducated they are on their own beliefs and morals. Rather than demonizing men, feminists should take an actual stance on real sexism issues that happens in third world countries, where women are forced to cover themselves in fear of lynching’s, in places where women aren’t even allowed to drive or vote or have an opinion or a voice. Those are the types of feminists I would gladly support, not the ones who demonize men for getting jobs that risk their lives and health for higher pay or can even fake be being raped for money. According to Katty Kay, presenter of the BBC World News, the FBI has determined the number of fake rape accusations to be 8%. (Kay). We do live in the country where women are acknowledged and respected, and I am not just a feminist, but I am all about equality between all genders. In my opinion, no gender is supreme or less than another, and everyone in our society should cherish and treat each other with kindness and courtesy.

We live in a country in where the president of the United States is committing war crimes, such as locking immigrant children in cages in borders and separating them from their parents, a country in which that same president commits charity fraud, a country in where that same blatantly and truly racist human is taking advantage of the poor to get himself and his friends richer but no one bats an eye. But when a feminist feels something is triggering her, people start riots and rallies of violence and rage. In my perspective, people are wasting their energy fighting the wrong fights. I strongly believe their elitism and strong “belief” for righteousness is nothing but a way to boast their ego into nothing than being the more “morally correct and politically correct”, when in reality it has shown nothing but the complete opposite of what true gender equality stands for. We should care for all lives, and for all our fellow friends and classmates, and peers. We have a responsibility to lead this world as the next generation, and we want to show our children and their children what standing for true gender equality really means.

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