The Essential Lessons from the Rapunzel Story

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In addition to power and domesticity, power and misery are also interconnected throughout Rapunzel. Although wandering is mostly seen as a fear, which is negative and frightening because it lacks support from family, it can also be viewed as a positive experience. For instance, when Rapunzel was left wandering, it was considered to be a punishment from the enchantress. Despite that, Rapunzel takes it as a positive experience because she’s finally freed from her fear, who is the enchantress. Consequently, wandering can be seen as positive and beneficial because it’s considered a system which keeps families together. If a family is wandering together, it gives them more experience and resources that would have never found before. The ultimate wish in this case is for a woman to marry a man, raise a family by the ways of the domesticated lifestyle, and stay together to support and act as a foundation for each other. The concept of women’s roles are ultimately at the service as men. Women have a purpose in the roles they keep, as do men. Ultimately, family wins because the traditional nuclear family in a patriarchal society sticks together no matter where they wander to in life, or even physically.

All throughout the mythical story, power and misery were demonstrated by many characters. To give an example, the witch has many supernatural powers, as well as attempting to have authority over her daughter. Initially, the witch makes Rapunzel miserable by isolating her from being, livelihood, and growth. As a result, Rapunzel goes into extreme suffering. But despite that, the witch was soon overruled by Rapunzel, due to the fact that Rapunzel more successful in essence, and in the patriarchal society once she was “punished” and abandoned. Ultimately, the enchantress loses in the end because she was overpowered by the system. As a result of not following the patriarchal system, she lost her powers and was sucked into misery. Above all, the overall lesson provided here is to believe in ourselves wherever life takes us, and to take chances because we never know what we can achieve if we are stuck in obstacles and challenges.

In essence, Rapunzel taught its readers to encourage a patriarchal society because if you don’t follow the system, karma can happen and can lead to punishments that follow. The two main notions which are, feminism and power have taught the audience about many different wishes and fears. The wish being to continue to build family and to follow typical traditional roles and rules of individuals in families. The fear is change, which can be viewed as frightening. Not many people enjoy change because they are scared of the inevitable. However, when something is bound to happen, not a single individual, no matter how much power he/she may have, can bring an end to that occurring. The general idea of family, supernatural, wandering, and misery were all life lessons to teach the readers how to address and cover the challenges that life brings them. Rapunzel took all the power and courage she had built up inside of her to find herself, and every individual go through the same if they are having difficulties finding their true colors.

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