The False Depiction of Love in Fairy Tales

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We are born in a world that feeds us fairytales. We grow up fantasizing about our prince charming, our fairytale love, and our happily ever after. The love stories we read keeps us entertained, though we probably know the truth. Love is not a fairytale. We forget the two little words, “Fairy-Tale” and instead we cling tightly to the other two words, “love-story”. A fairy tale is defined as, “a children’s story about magical and imaginary beings and lands”. Simply put, love is far from a fairy tale. The problems in love are sometimes tough, Unlike, the problems in stories, that vanishes when the pages are turned. Therefore, as we grow old and face complications in love we understand that love and fairy tales are two separate boat, it’s not the story we read when we were growing up, where the couple lives happily ever after, and it is not about Prince Charming waiting on your doorstep to take you away from the hardships of the world or a superhero who would fight the devil for you. love is not puppies and rainbows all the time and it does not comes easy. which is certainly the case in three of the stories we read in class.

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This notion of “love isn’t a fairytale” which is demonstrated by Betsy Vereckeys in “boy, what a fabulous baker” in which the protagonist explains that when she saw the baker at a social media site, she fell in love at the first swipe and started following him on his Instagram, after lurking for a while she finds out that her baker boy was working at a bakery nearby. She started visiting the bakery often to get bread and to look at the baker boy. she wanted him to ask her out and was waiting for the big question. but that never happened, so she decided to take matter in her own hands and asks him out to which he answered yes, and in reply asks for her number but he never calls or texts her back and after a while she realized that she was only getting good customer service. She believed that he said yes to her question and he would stand by his words, she thought he liked her back because that’s how love works, right? and that’s what happens in the fairytale, that the main character gets everything she ever wants and finds her happily-ever-after, but love is not a fairytale, and love doesn’t always comes easy. It is only an unrealistic expectation.

In Teresa Difalco “the click of a mouse a betrayal” the protagonist of this story describes how love is not a fairytale. Teresa explains that she had a loving family and a loving husband (or that’s what she thought) but after getting an e-mail from “John Smith” she finds out that her husband was cheating on her with another women with the use of an online site called “craigslist” after which she gets a divorce from her husband,  but then She realizes how easily “casual encounters” can be created on Craigslist. So, she herself makes an impulsive decision and decides to post an ad for herself, lying about her identity. After which she gets a lot of attention and they were all for casual encounter. After a while, lurking and replying to her e-mails, she realizes that this was not something she wanted. All she wanted was someone to be there for her, to give her his attention, someone who would stick around and not cheat on her. what she wanted was to be loved. Real-life love stories can bring us heartbreak. It is sad, but true and unfortunately, not every real-life love story has a happy ending. This is a good example of love is not a fairytale.

Finally, in “learning to silence my inner editor” we see that the protagonist is a teacher, a critic, who likes to point out mistakes in grammar and wants to be a perfectionist and what she does, but then she meet James at a wedding they spent the night together talking, kissing but making no promises. In the morning they went their separate ways. The protagonist thought that she would never meet or hear from him again, but James stayed in touch by sending her emails, a lot of them, but the problem was that she couldn’t help but notice the grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, despite of the syntax she would immediately reply him. But was finding it difficult to shut her internal editor, which challenged her assumption of being with him was right or not. She was trying to fight her inner editor, and after a while then she realized the way he wrote was not important, but the things he said were more important. She knew that she had fallen in love with him. She was willing to ignore all his grammar mistakes. she had realized that Love is not about grammar mistakes it’s about intimacy, passion, and happiness between two people. Love is not a fairytale, it’s a compromise and that We all have our struggles and it is important to understand that because we will be dealing with hardships throughout our time together. As we can see from the stories and actual real-life stories, that love is not a fairytale. Fairytale ending doesn’t exist, at least not in the way we expect them to be, It has the shades that are light and dark. Despite it being unpredictable Never give up on love and love will not give up on you.

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