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Michael Pollan About Human Habits

Michael Pollan uses his book The Omnivore’s Dilemma to discuss the problematic eating habits of humans. The book has a central investigation on the three sects of food production: industrial, organic, and “hunter-gatherer”. Pollan describes Americans as a group facing mass confusion regarding what to...

What Is The Purpose Of The Literature

Each of us is more or less well-versed in Literature. We know what literature is–fiction, poetry, drama, and many other things we like. More discerning critics may pick on our taste; they may even dismiss it as useless. The reason is only that the layman’s...

The Harry Potter as One of the Most Successful Franchises

The Harry Potter series is widely categorized as children’s fiction, but it has a vast adult fan base as well. This is largely due to the expert maneuvering of the narrative through the perilous waters of distinctly adult questions pertaining to love and especially death....

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