What Is The Purpose Of A Literature Review

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Since the very beginning of human evolution, we have managed to reach our goals with the purpose of overcome ourselves, ignoring the fact that doing it, we are contributing in some way to be a better species. However, the biggest achievements of humankind come from someone who already has started a research or has a wide knowledge on the interested field, converting it ideal to develop the researcher’s own ideas based on previous experiences that previous researchers had when they were managing to reach their goals.

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What is the purpose of a literature review? Basically, to carry-out a new investigation, the researchers must take into consideration the fact that a certain topic could has been developed by another person, if so, it is important to make a critical review of the literature focusing on your research question and goals to be achieved. Moreover, the review has to be accurate enough in order to determine which method the researcher is looking for, since it has to be systematic, explicit and reproducible, taking into consideration the fact that the information obtained comes from someone else’s research work. Reviewing literature is the main key for researchers to have success in their future works, since its purpose is to open their minds in order to acquire knowledge that was absent before the review and this is due to the fact that these investigations were made by experts on the field who have contributed to society with their research.

Consequently, it is important to do a very skillful literature review on the grounds that it will show the researcher's abilities, help put current work in the context of what has already been done, and clarify overlaps between authors and contributors. researchers for future research work. Unlike many literature reviews, a research proposal should be well structured, even though there is no standard to follow, it should be a decent representation of what the researcher is capable of, how that person is willing to narrow down information, and how these reviews will help the ongoing investigation.

In conclusion, I strongly support the idea that only by reading the relevant literature on a topic and related topics can someone know what has already been done on that topic, and only by reviewing the relevant literature can the researcher decide which specific area to focus on. in which direction to go from within that general topic of interest to the researcher. Once the literature review has been successfully conducted for a proposal, the researcher can decide what the proposed study will investigate.  

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