Unsolicited Electronic Communication and Child Pornography

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In today's world, people cannot live without technologies such as televisions, mobile phones, and computers. These technologies have slowly taking the essential part in people's daily lives and being without the use of the gadgets would be unimaginable for some. The invention of technology was beneficial not only through the means of communication, productivity, and medical level enhancement but also in the field of business. According to Rossi (2016) in the modern industrial world, people should also know the limits of using technologies. He stated that due to the new technology dependence, people are no longer need to think.

As technology emerges crime rates increases. The Philippine Government created a provision of valuing and protecting citizen's moral and human rights. The Cyber Crime Prevention Act of 2012 was signed into law by President Aquino, last September 12, 2012. It is originally made to penalize acts like cybersex, identity theft, pyramiding scam, unsolicited electronic communication, and child pornography. Through the unethical use of technology, disadvantages have been shown and most of the cases were not yet solved.

The number of cybercrime cases investigated by the Philippine National Police went up by 80% last 2018. 4103 cases were reported much higher than in the 2017 crime rate report of PNP with a total number of cases 2284. To grow up with good discipline is one of the best values that a parent can give his/her children. Parents will give their best just to see their children happy and comfortable. Likewise, their descendants will also do anything to honor and give back all the good things that the parents did.

In today's era, some of the parents who lacks knowledge and skill to work think that their children can do it for themselves. Bringing their child in a situation that they cannot escape. Talking about children sacrificing their dreams to help their parents, one of the immoral things was sending their children to prostitution such as to be involved in child pornography.

Poverty is one of the root causes why do people choose to do immoral things. It has been said in the saying 'It is not a sin to live in a poor family but it is a sin to die in poverty'. The primary reason why does children forced to enter the sex trade industry. 2016 study by Plan International Philippines, A global humanitarian and development organization that advance children's rights and equality for girls. Children were forced to this kind of illegal job to make money for survival purposes.

Under the 1987 Philippine Constitution Republic Act 9775 the crime of Child Pornography, prescribing penalties therefor and for other purposes. Defining that a child is a person who is under 18 years old that is unable to fully take care of himself/herself from abuse, neglect, cruelty, exploitation or discrimination because of physical or mental disability or condition. By all means child pornography refers to any representation, whether visual, audio or written combination thereof, by electronic, mechanical, digital, optical, magnetic or any other means a child engaged or involved in real or simulated explicit sexual activities.

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Global UNICEF (2017) stated that the Philippines has become a top global source of Child pornography with around 80% of Filipino kids is at risk of online sexual abuse or bullying victim in the internet world. With a ratio of 1 out of 3 Internet users globally is a child. The pandemic outbreak of the Internet coupled with less supervision from parents has opened a myriad of possibilities of which are very dangerous. Websites, mobile applications, and online payment methods have helped accelerate their proliferation of sex trafficking and 'made to order' child pornography.

It is a billion-dollar trade industry, Filipino children are the ones being traded and exploited online. Children who are asked to perform sex acts in front of a computer camera will never get their childhood back. The report was noted that online sexual exploitation of children (OSEC) was the leading among the cybercrime cases in 2014. One case study cited by UNICEF showed that while abuse starts in the digital space it could be led to physical prostitution. (Syl wander, 2014)

Instead of playing games with their friends and enjoying a happy and stress-free life with such no burden of big responsibilities, the children were forced into life's misery. The Philippines a global epicenter of the live-stream sexual trade abuses the victims were consisting mostly of a large number of children. The organization estimates that up to 100,000 Filipino children, 80% of them are girls, which are involved in prostitution yearly.

Sexual abuse is not only by means in which an adult has able to touch a child in an inappropriate and unsuitable way but sad to say there are also a lot of non-touching forms of sexual abuse. In this generation, which has the fast-growing technology, there are new victims that can be vulnerable to have a cycle of re-victimization for the rest of their lives. In fact, in every second there are 28,000 people who visits pornographic sites. Technically every time someone views pornographic pictures or videos of a child, it is automatically abusive. It provokes oneself.

The most recent case was report last February 19, 2019. Herman Arnett Ross was an American citizen. He was arrested in Pampanga. His tablet will serve as strong evidence; the tablet contains hundreds of naked pictures. The Police also seized sex toys, pornographic DVDs, routers and 2 mobile phones. According to the Police report, Mr. Ross usually invited minors to have sex with him or will take them naked photos at his rented apartment, and would offer P1,000 up to P7,000 for the lewd acts. After the said act he will ask the victims to bring more friends the next time they meet again.

Together with the help of the Philippine National Police, Women and Children Protection Center and the Anti Cybercrime Group of the Philippines serve the search warrant at Ross' rented apartment along Don Juico Avenue, Barangay Malabanias in Angeles City, Pampanga. Children were saved from sexual exploitation.

The recent update about Mr. Ross case was it is still on going. First time offenders of child pornography in the Philippines that is proven guilty can be charge for 15-30 years of imprisonment. In his case since he is not a Filipino citizen, he will be deported back to his country. All of the collected evidences are in the hands of Philippine National Police. It will be serve upon the process of the case.

On the basis of its summary findings, the data gathered shows that the crime of child pornography is the reason why do mostly Filipino either child nor youths have experienced life's misery at a very young age. Instead of growing up happy, contented, and full of learning, their social class belongingness became the primary reason why they are in the situation. The government has provided several programs to help those people who are part of the indigenous community.

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