A Limitation on Access to Pornography in Society

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Access to pornography becomes easier as our technology arise, because of this, the population who haven’t seen or been exposed to pornography is pretty much non-existent. Pornography had been traced back to oldest of time.This means that pornography had survive generations of generations and will still exist as we pass. It seems that it is safe to say that pornography is somehow beneficial to people because it lived for so many centuries. In 2012, Orlowski wrote as follows: “Without pornography, women would have no private means to gain knowledge about intercourse without actually engaging in sexual intercourse. 

A limitation on access to pornography would force women to learn about their sexuality at the level of their partners, which opens up the possibility for an abuse of power by that sexual partner who might be more focused on his own sexual gratification and less interested in helping a woman understand what is pleasurable for her.”(p.60). People may disagree with this assessment but it may be true. If you don’t have pornography in your reality how would you know the act itself genuinely? Our internet is the biggest and fastest carriers of pornography today and because of this men and women have the access and the discretion to witness it themselves.

Excessive pornography may give you a different perspective, different take on the act itself. It creates a certain expectation of what your partner should look like or how it supposed to happen. That men and women may set an unrealistic standard of what an opposite sex should appear and behave. Our brain register our likes and dislike, it registers what we see, what we feel just like what pornography offers, a visual simulation of sex that gives us the feeling of satisfaction and extreme relaxation. We may ask, does pornography causes people to commit rape? The answer is, not quite. According to Rymel, “It is difficult to talk about pornography without infusing the conversation with personal opinion and conjecture. Even the way researchers view and interpret the data can be influenced by their own biases and agendas. 

Most people who view pornography are not sexual predators; most sexual predators would be sexual predators, regardless of whether or not they viewed pornography. Statistically speaking, pornography does not lead to sexual assault.”(2016). Pornography may push people to have sex but not necessarily push people to commit rape because whether a person is a rapist or not it can still watch porn. Pleasure is very addictive; it creates chemical reaction in our brainwhich is Dopamine that draws people to be addicted to pornography. We all know that so much exposure on something is not healthy. 

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Because of addiction, like being addicted to illegal drugs, people will seek the pleasure and exposed them with it that affects our body. People may get addicted with the visual stimulation that pornography provides and not get aroused anymore with the act itself, because that’s how our brain works. Without the proper stimulation the wanted reaction will not be met. There are a lot of scary effects of pornography; one of which is the sensitization. Sensitization is the condition where people get stimulated very easily with things around them. 

For example, a man walking down the street and sees a woman with a dress that reveals so much skin. People who have been too exposed to pornography will be very stimulated with to the exposed skin and let their mind focused on that thought pattern and easily get off with it. This is very unhealthy to our mind especially in this generation where our wardrobe gets shorter and tighter. Another possible effect is desensitization. Desensitization, this the point that people will get used to the stimulation that they see with the pornography that leads in searching for different stimulation like prolonged exposure, having multiple partners, crazy fetishes, and etc. until they find the right stimulus to feed their needs. 

Next one is the Dysfunctional stress circuits,we can relate this to food or cigarettes. Many people in case of stress they eat or smoke, just like in pornography addiction people will treat pornography as a stress reliever that whenever they get stressed out with something and their response is to watching pornography. The next one on my list is the hostile sexism effect. Hostile sexism is where people who have been exposed in too much pornography tend to become sexist. “Of course, there are many out there who would not be surprised by this research. 

Many view pornography as degrading and objectifying towards women. Generally speaking, people's beliefs will generally become consistent with their behaviour. So even if a non-sexist man begins using pornography he will generally begin to believe that it is right to objectify and degrade women.”(Derksen, 2013) Being sexist is a big deal in our society nowadays and not just on sexual implications. And lastly, violence, There are studies show that people who have addiction on porn tend to be more violent on the opposite sex. According to Dersken, “Both groups were brought back a week later and paired with a female who was part of the researchers team. 

At the beginning of their meeting the woman mildly rejected the man by saying that she wasn't attracted to him. They then played a guessing game and the man had the option of physically punishing the woman if she got the answer wrong. The men who had been exposed to pornography were more likely to punish the woman.”(2013)this assessment may be linked with hostile sexism that the people who are exposed with pornography are being more physical because of objectification of the opposite sex. These are the short list of the reasons on why people and their addiction with pornography should be dealt with.

Pornography is going nowhere and there is no question on that, as it grows every decade and the internet becomes faster as time goes by. The exposed individual will rise and rise and we cannot control it. Studies have been done and negative effects have been raised. Many researchers have explained how it will affect the human psyche, and people should be very knowledgeable about this and learn to live with it. 

As pornography grows it became very critical to the society to know the danger link to it so everyone would know what the steps or action to be done. For me, the problem with our society in this matter is that we are not open in talking about thisthat is why we don’t know how to handle it. We should take advantage the knowledge that we can obtain in this generation to use it in our lives and don’t put it into waste.  

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