An Explanation About Pornography Is Urgently Developed

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A perverse logic in sexual consumption implies an increase in the roughness of obscenity as the standardized content ceases to be exciting. It is true that in the beginning anyone needs to investigate their own erotic imaginary until they find those fantasies that stimulate them, which can lead to certain transgressive or perverse manifestations. However, once these are made explicit, the viewer tends to cling to them without needing to go much further. The process is the opposite, because it is not necessary to investigate much to be able to find any imaginable paraphilia, but it is offered by the producer himself inciting consumption. 

This tempts us with a greater toxic effect, pornography portals offer us a rich catalog of erotic possibilities. The feels provoked, pushed into an activity whose consent is doubtful. From the moment that this doubly transgressive image is offered, because of its emergence at a non-priority sexual moment and because it contains an increasingly stark, disturbing and violent obscenity, the consumer is placed at the same moral height of the product that is offers. Once this aesthetic and ethical complexity is created, the viewer presses and displays the conscious image that he gives himself to a perverse pleasure, but legitimized by the aggressiveness of the incitement of which he is in some way a victim.

Porn is an infinite loop. It would take 173 years to see all the videos on the Pornhub portal. Obviously, the 12-year-old boy who accesses for the first time a video that shows the penetration of a woman by five men will feel more disturbed than excited. But at the moment in which this situation of exposure to porn is repeated cyclically, included within the dynamic of excitement-frustration, the kid ends up importing little perversion that makes the fiction he contemplates exciting. In fact, it will not even seem relevant that it is a fiction, which will end up generating expectations quite far from the erotic reality that you will have to face later.

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Today's society is perverse. Well, with pornography as an entertainment industry, children, and adults, end up considering everything legitimate related to the satisfaction of their personal desire. It is perverse because it denies that perversity is present in that behavior and extends it by giving it normal signs. The result is the social certainty that humanity as a whole should consume porn on a daily basis. Because we masturbate below our means. And that's why we celebrate porn for women as the quintessence of erotic freedom. 

Just as guides are being made on how to explain porn to children. It is strange that before a quality sexual and emotional education has reached families and schools, an explanation about pornography is urgently developed. But, deep down, we understand it perfectly, because just as girls have to be taught protection practices against harassment and rape, boys and girls have to be prepared for the fundamental content they will have access to. Internet.

Perversion is based on the daily lives of millions of people of different sex and age when they access a porno based on perversions or rituals of humiliation and rape sustained from a cynical ethic: the viewer is aware that The product you consume is not appropriate, but being at your fingertips and being so desirable, the user feels the right to consume it. The basic and simple justification is that everyone does it. The viewer should no longer resist, but must consent to integrate into the erotic normality of his time; he is constantly pressed with visual stimuli and promises of enjoyment.

We need to sustain a moralizing critique of pornography that would lead to some kind of control. In this case we could link it with the criticism of prostitution that focuses on its prohibition or criminalization based on criticism of patriarchy, sexual exploitation, practices of domination and humiliation of women or sex trafficking. But, sharing much of this criticism and being absolutely aware of the crime situation in which it occurs in large part of porn images.

Human beings will continue to need to explore their erotic imagination through explicit and obscene fictions that are in books or on video. Even the content of much of porn does not depart from the parameters of erotic excitement, although it is true that certain characteristics have been left aside that add that excessive dimension that had much of the manifestations of the most transgressive eroticism. 

Separation of sex and the economy would be ideal, since the success of porn is its immense economic profitability. And there is nothing more impossible right now than to think of an anti-capitalist anti-sexual economy. Eroticism is still there, its attraction is intact and will continue to grow and adapt in new exciting and disturbing objects regardless of the reappropriation and commercialization that capitalism makes of them. 

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