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Unsolicited Electronic Communication and Child Pornography

In today's world, people cannot live without technologies such as televisions, mobile phones, and computers. These technologies have slowly taking the essential part in people's daily lives and being without the use of the gadgets would be unimaginable for some. The invention of technology was...

Countrattacking Sexual Offender Discharge From Prison

Sexual offence is a serious and hurtful crime, specifically when it impacts children, and often sparks a noteworthy community enthusiasm for the reaction by law enforcement and government. The modus operandi of sex offenders can vary widely, and the causes of sexual offending are mind...

Sexual Abuse of Children and Methods of Its Prevention

Introduction Around the world, there are many crimes such as alcohol/drug abuse, animal cruelty, cyber, federal, inchoate/incomplete, juvenile, sex, theft, and white-collar that exist today. Even though these crimes exist today; I feel that sex crimes are the most controversial today. These issues are controversial...

A Bill to Reform the Sex Offender Petition to Be Removed from the Registry

Within the state of Georgia, the laws for sex offenders to petition to be removed from the registry have many gray areas. There are many laws in place that restrict the petition process; however, there are many ways one can be removed from the sex...

The Harm and Falseness of the Sex Offender Regulations

Every year it is estimated that 81,000 children are sexually abused, 300,000 women are raped, and 3.7 million people are met with unwanted sexual activity (Kelly 412). Although the solution to minimizing the amount of unwanted sexual activity may sound simple, over the past couple...

The Rights of Sex Offenders and Their Chance to Grow

When people think of the label “sex offender”, the responses following are typically negative. Connotations surrounding convicted sex offenders often include violence, forcible assaults, abusing children, and so on. While there are thousands of sex offenders with convictions pertaining to these words, generalizing this population...

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