Essay Samples on Al Capone

Organized Crime and Crime Families in North America

The topic of my law culminating exam is Organized Crime. Organized Crime is usually when criminals run enterprises and companies for profit but are engaging in illegal activities and other motives to make profit. There are many causes of organized crime, this usually happens when...

Al Capone and the Rise of the Mafia

Murder, deception, crossed alliances and corruption. Italian-American mafia has affected our nation in ways we cannot imagine – its trickle-down effect has tarnished the system of fairness and real justice. Good day Mrs Thompson and class, He may have not been the president of the...

Al Capone: Monster and Not a Mobster

Al Capone was most known in movies and spectacle for his gruesome crimes, so how did the government forget about it all the murders and harm he orchestrated; charging him with tax evasion instead. Legendary crime boss Alfonse ‘Al’ Capone, also known as the infamous...

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