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Ted Bundy: Criminal History Of An American Serial Killer

Ted Bundy has been made infamous for being a serial killer. He was convicted of killing several women, but the exact number of victims can be much more than originally thought. Ted was one of the first killers to get the attention of the media....

Ted Bundy: Gentleman Turned the Most Dangerous Serial Killer in the U.S.

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Have you ever asked yourself, who was the most dangerous serial killer in America? The answer to that question would be Ted Bundy. Ted Bundy became the well-known serial killer during the 1970s because he used his charming personality and good looks to lure an...

The Incriminating Past of Ted Bundy

In today’s society, people often view serial killers as outcasts, unapproachable, and defiant. Ted Bundy was the opposite of all those stereotypes. He was handsome, intelligent, and a charmer. So much so, that he was suspected to have killed over 50 women and girls during...

Ted Bundy: How the Nature and Nurture Created a Serial Killer

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Many times one is not born with the intent to become a serial killer; it is often a result of the environment they grew up in. However, in some cases people have genetic makeup that the presence of trauma can crest psychopathic tendencies. Serial killers...

The Link Between Ted Bundy's Violent Behavior and Antisocial Personality Disorder

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Theodore Robert Bundy, commonly known as 'Ted Bundy', was a famous American serial killer, kidnapper and rapist (Michaud & Aynesworth 1999). Born in Vermont on November the 24th 1946 and executed by the electric chair in Florida on January the 24th 1989 (Michaud & Aynesworth...

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