Video Games And School Shooting

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There have been many reports of school shootings. Just recently there was a school shooting in California. Resulting in two students who sadly passed away. These horrific events have happened in the past. There has been evidence that states that these kids are causing these shootings due to stress, bully, delinquency, and involvement with drugs. All of which are influenced by the violent video games that parents let their children play. A Taiwanese study – backed by British researchers – has found that enjoying too several video games will (can) contribute to an increase in stress levels and feelings of tension in ‘young people. A Taiwanese study – backed by British researchers – has found that enjoying too several video games will (can) contribute to an increase in stress levels and feelings of tension in ‘young people. Plunkett (2009) stated “The report found that several games cause a ‘fight or flight’ reaction within the player’s mind, which may typically trick the brain into emotional hormone into the body. as a result of that’s what the body must either fight or run.” While the games became additional realistic and fascinating. The character of the link between gameplay and aggression continues to be heatedly debated. On one hand, the Psychological Association discharged a press release in 2015 warning of the results of violent video games. Stating that these video games have become more violent and graphic with their content. As usual, some people did not agree with what they had to say and decided to disregard their statement. Many psychologists argued that video games are harmful and so ought to be subject to legislative oversight and restrictions. The positive and negative characteristics and effects of video games are the topics of scientific study. educational analysis has examined the links between video games and addiction, aggression, violence, social development, and a spread of stereotyping and morality problems.

Some people are holding accountable that violent video games as a reason for college shootings by white perpetrators than by African Americans. Trump (2019) previously stated, ‘I’m hearing more and more people say the level of violence on video games is really shaping young people’s thoughts,’ after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. The question to my research paper is “what are the causes of these shootings that don’t involve playing video games?” It is shown through worldwide news that this mass shooting isn’t always about playing video games, but it can be involved by being stressed, abuses of drugs, and being a cyberbully. Another one can be encouraging delinquency or mental paralysis in children.

Video games are only used for entertainment. Even so, it can cause bad negative behaviors in children and teens. Gans (2017) said, “We have feared that video games are making our children less social and more violent and making us all more stressed.” Some stress responses can be trigger by a video game, overall self-assessments provided by gamers did not show a link between issues with physical reaction (stress), social life, and educational behavior showing if there is a negative result, gamers themselves aren’t conscious of it and its effect on their lives. Violent video games had a similarly minimal effect on children as cartoons.

However, there is a possibility that games aren’t a way to make a person violent, but a positive way to help out the stress for those who have problems with their life, such as school or work. Video games will offer positive social experiences and a decrease in stress.

Video games cause cyberbullying

Video games are becoming more addicting and realistic for those who play video games seriously. For example, one person plays a multiplayer online battle game such as Call Of Duty (COD), in which you play against people around the world, and for that person that plays against them, he or she loses through a battle will be yelled at with profanity and ugly names on that game. Even so, it can also be acted towards your family and friends when you’re playing against or with them. Indeed, recent research has extolled the social, cognitive, and emotional benefits of playing certain games (Granic et al.,2014; Markey et al.,2015). Cyberbullying received abundant attention in recent years because of a spread of ensuing tragic events, as well as cyberbullying victims’ suicides. This cyberbullying problem can only happen when a person loses or wins in any games they play. It’ll make a person continue with this problem depending on the hour they spent playing online or console.

Overall, students who self-identified as “gamers” were considerably a lot of seemingly to own aforesaid that they are afraid or cyberbullied others throughout the previous thirty days. Patchin (2018) specifically said, “twenty-first of gamers and Martinmas of non-gamers had afraid others in the class, whereas Martinmas of gamers and 6 June 1944 of non-gamers aforesaid they’d cyberbullied others. Apparently, gamers were conjointly a lot of seemingly than non-gamers to be a victim of bullying online (25.9% compared to fifteen. 7%).” Therefore, on its face, there appears to be an association between vice and bullying. Players are anonymous, they cannot essentially be command answerable for their behavior, and their harassment will cause some players to go away from games. Some anonymous users use the sport as a method to harass strangers or to urge their personal info, like usernames and passwords.

Reports of school shooting

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On the worldwide news, many places around the world have been reporting a gun shooting in kindergarten and high school all because of anger that’s being released by bullying, stress, depression, etc. “When we talk about games in this way and take them this seriously, it really risks trivializing what we know leads to other violent behavior,” said Przybylski (2019). That was brought out about the mass shooting at El Paso. A teen in Southern California high school pulled a pistol out of his backpack and started shooting in his school, which he shot five of his classmates. The suspected gunman planned to kill himself after the incident.

There is also countless evidence that is found in the early 2000s. Even once a 2004 report conducted by the key Service and also the Education Department found that solely twelve % of perpetrators in additional than 3 dozen faculty shootings showed associate degree interest in violent video games, lawmakers and public figures continued answerably the trade. In his 2008 presidential campaign, Mitt Romney cited “pornography and violence” in media, like video games, as an idea for the 2007 shooting at Virginia technical school that killed thirty-two folks. Gun shooting reports are mainly taken action because of overrated games, rated R movies, and toy guns. “If you were Mario and you jumped on turtles, you were more likely to kill turtles in real life,” said Przybylski (2019).

They have taken place across the country. From Georgia to California. At elementary, middle, and high faculties. On faculty and university campuses. Wolfe (2019) stated that

“In forty-six weeks, this year, there are forty-four faculty shootings.” That’s nearly a mean of 1 faculty shooting every week. Of those, thirty-two of them were at facilities serving preschool through twelfth grade.


Playing video games is harmful in ways such as using those gaming skills in real life like bullying and fighting, encouraging delinquency causing mental paralysis in children, and re-enacting violence in video games like school shootings. This can be passed on to children who haven’t think before they do. The point I’m saying is that they should either abandon violent games or guns in actuality. We should show good examples to kids instead of showing them things that aren’t good. There can be other ways that can help people who have had problems with playing video games seriously, like gardening, exercising, cooking, cleaning, playing sports, etc. This useful stuff can help you with your stress problems, anger management, and your addiction to video games. Games are just rotting our minds with violence and negative consents that are only meant for games and movies.

Video games are just a waste of time and energy because it’s just going to continue to cause problems with our daily lives. The healthier way of avoiding this problem is to stay off any games or technology around the house. There can be times you can play games but just got to limit the time of it. Also, having the right one that isn’t overrated. Games are good and bad, so it’s a 50-50 that a game can be good and can be bad, depending on the rating and all.             

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