Fortnite Can Be Beneficial To Kids

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Even though many people argue on this topic, Fortnite can provide many benefits to children. Videos games allow kids to practice their problem solving skills through the various problems that are encountered in the game. Kids also learn to communicate with others to overcome the challenges of battling it out against the 99 other players in their server. Fortnite provides these kids a topic to talk about and share their own experiences with each other. Being able to join with their friends without physically being there allows them to have the full experience of being together with a click of a button. The online world of video games make the kids who they are today and can shape them for the future.

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Because of all the features that make up the gameplay of Fortnite, it challenges all of its players to solve various problems with the limited resources that are provided to them. Especially for kids, many of them enjoy the challenge of having to eliminate everyone else while being careful not to get eliminated themselves. As stated in the second article, “Kids learn how to negotiate conflict.” Kids who play the game learn different methods of resolving their problems in game. From a player’s perspective in Article 1, “Fortnite is a great game for kids. It’s taught me how to collaborate with my friends to work as a team.” The game allows kids to join forces and overcome the challenges as one.

Fortnite also structures the way kids are. It helps them find their find who they are and talk about the hot topics with everyone else at school. This can really help them meet new kids at school and talk about their same interests. As seen in Article 2, “For kids, coming home and playing Fortnite is very similar to playing army men in the woods and building forts.” It allows kids to be able to “live their dream” and be able to connect with their friends without physically being together. These bonds with each other can help a child from depression or from joining in bad communities. As stated from a players point of view in Article 1, “I can play with my friends even when we can’t be in the same place.” This really helps kids be able to keep these connections from any distance apart. Many players also talk about learning more about each other because of the time that they spend playing in duos and squad games. These communication skills can then later on be used for future tasks such as jobs and or meeting new people.

All in all, Fortnite can have many benefits on kids today. It allows them to be able learn new strategies and problem solving skills, as well as figuring out their own personality. The online community of video games really does help children find a place to be able to just be free and enjoy their hobbies. Just remember that as long as they are having fun in a safe environment, it’s a great spot to let them be kids, especially if they get to do it together. Fortnite is just another place where kids will get to be themselves in the virtual world.  

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