Do Violent Video Games Cause Behavior Problems

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A very big debate about video games has been going on where people argue about whether video games cause behavioral problems or not. I claim that video games don’t cause problems because they improve brain capacity rather than causing behavioral problems, Video games unite people around the world which helps sustain a calm brain and scientific evidence should be used by parents to make their argument.

Video games improve brain capacity by their logic rather than causing behavioral problems. The governmental website “” states that “Recent studies focused on the benefits of playing video games revealed how long-term gaming increases brain size and connectivity in the brain regions responsible for spatial orientation, fine motor skills, memory formation and strategic planning after quantifying the volume using the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) technology. The studies of Queen Mary, University of London also state the exact same thing. This means that video game’s logic increases the amount of things you can learn and process in your brain and don’t affect behavior negatively. This proves that video games improve brain capacity by logic and quickness of reflexes that don't cause behavioral problems negatively.

Video games connect families that are far apart around the world which helps sustain a calm brain. My first cousin lives in a different continent, so we play video games together. This helps us to catch up to each other and our families, as well as calming our brain since we like talking to each other. A study by Dr. Eugene Rubin shows that people can catch up social interactions and make your brain relaxed. The evidence means that playing video games with friends and family calms your brain which can help you acquire focus while doing something. This means that video games are actually good because they unite people from around the world and make the brain relaxed.

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I believe that scientific evidence should be used by parents to make their argument for which they think Video games cause behavioral problems. Some cited examples are “The task force reports violent video games lead to decreased empathy and reduced prosocial behavior. The same statement acknowledges there is insufficient evidence of a link between violent video games and criminal behavior.” These evidences have no research to back their ridiculed reasons. The Oxford university did an experiment to test if teens had any aggressive behaviour after playing video games and apparently those kids had no effects which shows that these opinions are false. Oxford university or any research is obviously smarter than an opinion that is biased towards the thought of video games causing behavioral problems. That is why I believe that parents should use scientific research.

Thus, I conclude that my statements above are true to the best of the knowledge of video games not causing behavioral problems and parents should also agree to this research. This doesn't mean that parents should let their children play for many hours but it busts the myths about video games mentally affecting people.




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