Video Games vs Popular Sports: Are Video Games a Sport

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So, nowadays video games are a very popular source of entertainment, but are video games a sport? There are many things that can prove that video games are a sport. First of all, video games can also take a lot of training so that you can get good at them. While playing video games, you need to get familiar with the controls and the strategies that you in the game to win the match. There are many players that play this game and are so good at the game that they are called legends. There are many kinds of video games that are played professionally like football and cricket. The most famous types are FIRST-PERSON-SHOOTERS(FPS) AND MULTIPLAYER ONLINE BATTLE ARENA (MOBA). Like any sport, video games also have a set of rules that you have to follow. If you break those rules in any sort of way, you can get banned from the game or you can get removed from the match or they can get a penalty for a certain amount of time.

At this point in time, there is a genre called electronic sports also called e-sports. These are basically video games that are being played like a sport. People that play these games earn medals and money if they make it to the top 3. Some popular esports games are CS: GO, RAINBOW SIX SIEGE, CALL OF DUTY, and PUBG. As said earlier, the most popular types of e-sports games are FPS games and MOBA games. There are approximately 427 million people that watch e-sports nowadays. The watchers are approximately 18 to 34 years in age. Like football, e-sports games have many teams that play those games and they are very good at it. Some teams are Faze clan, Cloud9, Fnatic, G2, etc. The companies that make these games also host a lot of programs and championships. There is a company called Ubisoft that hosts tournaments for Rainbow six siege and call of duty. Teams that play e-sports are very well known around the world and they have a lot of fans, so they are also popular as they have a huge fan following and they also earn a lot of money from playing in tournaments.

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Now, there is a very good example of why video games are a sport. Chess is also considered a sport but there is no physical activity in it, it’s all about the brain. Video games are also a similar case but they require a lot of game knowledge and remembering the strategies as every video game is played strategically. Even in chess, with enough practice, anyone can get good at it. This is one of the main things why video games should be considered a sport.

Video games also share a lot of common things as sports. Firstly, you need strategies and tactics to get an advantage in the match. There are some teams that make new strategies that change the way that the match is played. You also need to focus and devote all your attention to the match so that you can play well and also you need to have a calm mind so that you don’t mess up in something. A player also needs to have a very quick response time and reflexes so that you can get the objective of the match done. There are a few examples of players that are so good at the game that they play, that they are considered the greatest players that play this game and they are Pengu, Kanto, Kenny, Shox, etc. Many e-sports players also post videos on YouTube and go live so that other people can play with them.

Also, like in sports, anyone that is caught cheating in any kind of way will be banned, suspended, or banned from the match or the game. They can even get banned or removed from tournaments if they are caught hacking in any kind of way. 

Finally, video games are somewhat already a kind of sport, they just need to rise in popularity.

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