Fun Hobbies And Interests That Can Enrich Your Life

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Summer’s finally here! After all those exams, research papers and group projects, it’s finally time for a well-deserved, long break. I’m sure you’ve already made plans to fill up your time during this vacation. That’s great. Have some sun and fun travelling to interesting places and doing your favorite things. You owe it to your body and mind to let your hair down, relax and be happy.

In the midst of having all those activities, why not take up some useful hobbies? Now is the perfect time for you to start something new. I know, for most of us, one of our hobbies is watching movies or playing computer games. But why not do something different? Something more enriching and beneficial. Something that can boost your portfolio and expand the list of competencies in your curriculum vitae (resume).

Having hobbies is important because it brings us pleasure and enhances our lives. It not only affords us to acquire new skills but also opens up doors to other opportunities. The world around us is abundant with wonderful and exciting activities that we can explore and be passionate about. I can’t stress enough on the importance of having hobbies. The benefits are manifold, not only psychologically, but also emotionally, intellectually, physically, and physiologically. Hobbies improve your knowledge, confidence and social life, help to relieve stress, teach patience and discipline, and help to prevent you from engaging in unhealthy activities like binge drinking/eating or excessive partying. Not sure where to start? Let’s look at some categories of hobbies that you can try out:

Upskill Yourself With A New Technical Knowledge

The advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (or Industry 4.0) brings with it a multitude of enabling technologies such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Internet of Things and Services and Cloud Computing, which are expected to cause major transformations of the labour market. Because of this explosion of new fields, new markets will emerge which will require a new set of skills and job profiles. Are we, future graduates, ready to face this new, shifting job landscape? Ponder over this famous insight by former US Secretary of Education, Richard Riley: “We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist, using technologies that haven’t been invented, in order to solve problems, we don’t even know are problems yet,”.

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So, what can we do about it? Expand your skill set beyond your major and learn more about all these new innovations and Industry 4.0 technologies. Pursue hobbies in computer coding, website designing, robotics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, data and networks communication, cybersecurity and IoT or Internet of Things and Services. I understand that all these sound frightening and daunting, but I believe they are not as bad as they sound. Look for courses relevant to the field or industry you want to enter. Even if you do not wish to indulge too deep into them, at least read up or watch YouTube videos about them, so at least you have some background knowledge. I’m sure, your knowledge will come in handy in your next academic phase and when you apply for jobs.

Indulge In The Beauty Of Art And Crafts

Explore your interests and pursue your creativity in art and crafts. Play a new instrument or hone your skills in painting, photography, sewing, crochet, knitting, self-defense, or any artistic skills you find intriguing. Do you know that you can even monetize your newly developed skills and creations by selling or sharing them online? Be entrepreneurial - you don’t need a large capital or an office space to help launch and manage your online business. Be your own boss. Your future employers love a self-starter! Take your life matters into your own hands by building websites and sharing/selling your great creations.

Volunteering For A Great Cause

Doing good deeds can actually be a hobby. Some people just love doing philanthropic work because it teaches you empathy, responsibility and humanity. Find opportunities to do volunteer work in your community like helping out in an old-folks home, cleaning the beach, chipping in charitable events or visiting the sick in hospitals. In whichever town you’re staying in, there sure to be some organizations requiring volunteers. So look around. For those of you who are doing some soul-searching, this is definitely a hobby to take up and be serious in.

Doing Sports For A Healthier You

Having sports as a hobby is definitely a win-win situation, in all aspects, physically, psychologically and socially. Join a summer sports league - cycling, beach volleyball, tennis, swimming, horse-riding, table tennis or any other games that you fancy. If you’re not into active sports, there are yoga, pilate, golf, archery, fencing, or even chess that you can try. Summer is a fantastic time to explore these sports and see which one is a good fit for you.

If you are not into any of these, don’t fret. Get in the kitchen and hone your culinary skills. Dish out a full meal or a healthy dessert. Whatever it is, eating well is as pertinent as keeping yourself fit and healthy. Home-cooked meal is always so much better than store- or restaurant-bought food and it’s cheaper too. If cooking is not your forte, try reading or blogging. These can be fun too and they will surely uplift your spirits and lives.

Whether you’re boosting your CV, expanding your horizons or reskilling yourselves with new knowledge, remember that balance is key. Take time to relax and reenergize yourself but do make sure to pick up something new or master what you already have. There’s no better time than now to do all these before the next wave of study madness envelops you yet again. You will be much more inspired and motivated when the new semester starts. If you have good hobbies to fill up your free time, then you will be less likely to have a passive or sedentary lifestyle but instead live a more fulfilling and rewarding life.

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