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The Rise Of Media Activism In Pakistan

Pakistani media has undergone an extraordinary expansion since liberalization in 2002. Though the print media has also expanded, the revolutionary advancement has been witnessed mainly in the electronic media and the relatively newer media type called social media. The liberalization has resulted not only increased...

Digital Activism And How It Has Influenced The People's Voice

We face massive issues in this world at every corner of life. For resolving these issues, we require effort. Whenever such issues arise like-minded people gather up for a change. Mobilizing people and raising awareness about any particular issue is an important step in resolving...

The Sincerity Behind The Digital Activism

In the past few years, there has been an emergence of many forms of activism such as judicial and citizen activism, environmental activism, digital or internet activism, economic activism, visual activism, and activism in literature. In today’s digital age, it’s hard to determine if online...

The Relevance Of Online And Digital Activism

Though online activism may not be sufficient in amending governmental practices, history has proven that it is certainly enough to not only spread, but to urge the importance of a specific message. For this reason, online activism is extremely relevant in the contemporary digital society,...

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