The Two Party System is Destroying America

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The two party system that our country currently has is woefully dismantling our country as it is. Our main two political groups are Democrats, like Obama, and Republicans, like Trump. The Democrats and the Republicans are in a crusade, in which the American people are caught in the middle. Our nation comes face to face with all sorts of significant issues. Which range from increasing inequality to escalating international terrorism, and more. However, the spiteful argument between Democrats and Republicans has basically brought the government to a halt.

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A major key in the two party system failing to provide is that both parties have embedded themselves to vast corporations, and at this point can not be trusted to serve the public eye. Meaning each of the groups have signed or work for various big or national companies, which is partly where their money comes from. Each party works with, or signs with major companies to get more publicity and/or money. Due to this they have become so money hungry that, that is all they see. They see that if they partner with this certain group then they will be bringing in stacks of cash, or if they partner with a certain company then they will get more publicity. Which in turn just earns them more, and more money. With this each party, or a certain party loses the sense and sight of the public interest. Not only is losing the eye of the public a problem, but also losing the meaning to the ballot is.

The ballot formerly belonged to voters, naturally arranging themselves into a party. However, it has now turned into the property of state legislatures ruled by the two main parties. The establishment of uniform, printed state ballots also gave legislatures the power to decide who was fit worthy to be on the ballot. Republican and Democrat led legislatures quickly learned that they had power to impede rising third parties, like the Populist Party. With this they gave themselves immediate lines on the ballot, while using heavy petitioning necessities to obstruct other upstarts. So with all this being said, both the major parties have not only gotten rid of the public's opinion, but they have also taken the ballot for themselves. Meaning, the people really have no say at all when it comes down to it. Although there may be many disagreements with the two parties, there are also ones that support our country.

Most other democratic countries have multiparty systems. Even with third parties popping up commonly throughout American history, they either die, or their morals/ideas have been captivated by one of the two major party. So with that being said a plus to our country only having two main parties is consensus of values. Many nag about useless bickering between Democrats and Republicans, and we often forget that Americans share a broad agreement of many political values. Both of our parties believe in equality, liberty, and individualism. They also do not advocate that the Constitution be disposed of. In the countries with multiparty systems, the limit of beliefs and morals are greater, and arguments or disagreements run deeper. For instance, in current day Russia, one party wants communism to return, whereas some offer altered socialism and/or capitalism, and lastly one advocates ultra-nationalism. So having a two party system within America is like an advantage to our country.

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