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Abigail Adams' Letter to John Adams: A Glimpse into History

Abigail Adams' letter to her husband John Adams is a remarkable piece of historical correspondence that provides valuable insights into the thoughts and perspectives of women during the early years of the United States. Written in 1776, amidst the revolutionary fervor and discussions about the...

Slaveholders Who Stood in Defence of the Slaves

The US Supreme Court decided that all persons of African descent were not US citizens and therefore could not use the constitution to defend their liberties. They had no liberties. Slaves had not rights in America until The Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. The case of...

Significant Events During the U.S. 1824 Presidential Election

When people think about the year of 1824 they think about the road to the Civil War. The U. S. Civil War began in 1861, following decades of conflict between northern and southern states over slavery, the rights of states, and expansion to the west....

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