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The Two Party System is Destroying America

The two party system that our country currently has is woefully dismantling our country as it is. Our main two political groups are Democrats, like Obama, and Republicans, like Trump. The Democrats and the Republicans are in a crusade, in which the American people are...

Views of Political Parties on Business Development

In the Political Party quiz, I received a Liberal Democrat while in the political ideology quiz I received an Opportunity Democrat. According to the Pew Research Center, Opportunity Democrats have liberal views on most issues. Therefore, what the quiz says about me is that I...

Dependency of the Republican Party on the Evangelical Support

During the 1980s, party politics relied on their platforms for support during elections. However, the conservative party had become heavily supported by an Evangelical following, making the republican party semi-controlled by a church sect. This connection between religion and the state was particularly emphasized during...

The Analysis of Texas Political Scene and Parties

Prior to diving into whether Beto O’Rourke or Julian Castro could beat Trump in the upcoming 2020 elections, we must examine the history and current state of Texas politics and the reasons for a possible Electrol College win for democrats. When we think of Texas,...

Republican Party And The Problem Of Sexual Harassment

The Trump administration’s Supreme Court nominee for Judge Brett Kavanaugh has had its tumultuous downfall since the accusations of sexual assault were placed on him by University of Palo Alto Professor Christine Blasey Ford, stating she was sexually harassed by the judge at a high...

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