Essay Samples on United States Army

The Life and Legacy of Ulysses S Grant

Hiram Ulysses Grant, most oftentimes recognized as Ulysses S Grant, was the United States of America’s eighteenth president. But being president was only one of his many titles. Grant used to be the husband to Julia Boggs Dent from St. Louis, Missouri. Julia was twenty-two…

American Role in the Vietnam War

Vietnam War was a major war that caused many people to lose their lives. American troops that were brave enough to fight for Their country deserve a lot of credit for what they did. It is said that by 1968, there were more than 538,000…

United States' Stance on Vietnam War

During the early years of the Vietnam War, many American supported liberating South Vietnam from communist influence. Communism was a spread of ideas that threatened free government globally and it was not tolerated by the United States. When the war began to be seen as…

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