American Role in the Vietnam War

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Vietnam War was a major war that caused many people to lose their lives. American troops that were brave enough to fight for Their country deserve a lot of credit for what they did. It is said that by 1968, there were more than 538,000 troops in Vietnam. I know that war is sometimes necessary when other countries are coming against you because there is no other way to protect ourselves, however, I believe that America should not have entered into the Vietnam War. There were far too many people who lost their lives, it was extremely dangerous, and it was torture to the soldiers who just so happened to be picked to go.The soldiers, whose birthdays fell on the dates that they had randomly picked, had to go to war whether they wanted to or not. If you think about it, it could have been at the worst possible time in their lives. People are always doing and preparing things to do with their life, so when they are called into the war they're most likely not expecting it. They are then sent away on an airplane possibly never to return.

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Statistics show that the United States lost over 1,100 soldiers. Even though most of the people who died in the war were not from the United States, they are still lives and they have families who loved and cared for them. I do not think that it was right to make those men go to war, and then have a rare chance of surviving.On top of so many troops being brought into the war, it was also extremely dangerous. There were things that were being set up during the night such as rat holes, and trip wires hooked to grenades and guns. Also, the suffocating humidity and heat, wet climate and dangerous diseases were not safe for a large number of people to be around. The United States used Napalm to burn villages and clear out large areas of the jungle at a time, Agent Orange that also killed large areas of vegetation, and America also used Search and Destroy Missions.

All of these things were very harmful and I do not think that it was right to use such horrible weapons against each other. The health of these soldiers fighting in action was at risk whether they knew it or not. Several people would breathe in the Agent Orange thinking it wouldn't do a thing to them. They were wrong. It was later found that the chemical messed with people's skin, brain, and it was harmful to troops who even did as much as breathing it in.Also, there were horror stories told from the people who were in the War. It was clear to many that the men were not happy in any way, and they did not wish to be there. The United States had a disadvantage, however, because most of their soldiers were very young and inexperienced. This resulted in more deaths, injuries, and confusion. It was not fair how the soldiers were at home living their everyday lives when the government decides to draft them.

They could have been in the middle of planning for their wedding, and all of their plans would be changed because of this. It is hard for me to look at this and say that it would be okay.So as you can see, there are many reasons as to why I believe sending America to the War was a bad idea, from all the lives that are lost to the different types of pain they go through after the war, like diseases and flashbacks. Many say that sometimes it is necessary and that we have no other choice, I just personally think that it is wrong. There are so many different things you could do with your life, we can't just continue to send new troops over to a war every time we get low. There are far too many people who lose their lives, it is way too dangerous, and it puts the men through complete torture.

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